[June 16]
We are aware a fix included in the 0.9.6 patch to address Gift Passes not working correctly has not resolved the issue. We are still investigating a solution to this issue.

[June 12]
We are aware of the following issues and working on having them addressed in an upcoming hotfix:
  • Gift Passes are unable to be given to friends despite meeting the gifting criteria.
  • Some previously unlocked Blessings (spells) in the non-seasonal spirit constellations are appearing as unobtained.
  • Past Seasonal emotes appearing in the Expression Menu.
  • Ongoing overheating issues on numerous devices.
  • Red dot notification badge does not go away on Daily Questgiver or Ultimate Gift flag on Seasonal Constellation
    • Please note the cinematic when turning in the Forgotten Ark quest for the Orange Light is the final cinematic for the end of the season. Normally this is only available if you have 100% completion for seasonal content (requiring the Adventure Pass) but due to the non-seasonal nature of the colored light quests, this cinematic will be viewable by all players who fully restore the Forgotten Ark.

We have fixes for most of these issues in an upcoming Patch in the very near future. Thank you for your patience while we ensure the upcoming patch is stable before releasing to Live servers.