We deeply apologize for the confusion we have caused due to poorly communicating how the Adventure Pass, Traveling Spirits and returning items would work.

The Adventure Pass was designed to provide additional value to pass holders with bonus seasonal candles and first-access to seasonal items while the content is current. When we first introduced the Adventure Pass system, we told the community that Seasons would never return, and still, we do not plan to repeat Seasons as a whole.

From the beginning we have always wanted Sky to be an inclusive place everyone has the opportunity to express themselves equally. In order to allow both veteran and new players to access seasonal emotes and items, we've been working on providing players with the option to either purchase the seasonal content when it is released, or save up in-game currencies to purchase it from the Traveling Spirits when they arrive later. To respect those who have invested in the seasons early on, the cost of these items will cost significantly more when they return. While we have talked about these things in interviews and on live streams, we have failed to be as transparent with our in-game messaging.

We truly appreciate all of the veterans and early adopters of Sky who continue to support the development of Sky. So we are working on providing an exchange option for players who have purchased the Gratitude, Lightseekers, and Belonging Adventure Passes, the details of which we will share as soon as we are able. We will continue working to provide clearer information for players about features and any additional changes through our FAQs and in-game messages. Our design team is exploring various solutions to improve the Adventure Pass and Traveling Spirits experience for both veterans and new players. This includes exploring the popular community suggestion. We look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.

Thank you for your patience and endless support of Sky and thatgamecompany. Again, we sincerely hope our reflection will continue to help improve the in-game mechanics. Our goal is to make Sky the best experience possible, and we are grateful for each and everyone one of you for aiding us on this journey.