Greetings Adventurers!

This patch includes many quality of life improvements, bug fixes, and other updates to prepare for the upcoming Season of Sanctuary and Sky’s one-year anniversary events.

Season of Sanctuary

NEW Adventure -  Season of Sanctuary

Prepare to dive into this special summer edition adventure starting on Monday, July 13th! This season will take place in the newly unveiled vacation-styled islands in Daylight Prairie Realm. Meet the new seasonal characters, learn the back stories within the new area and unlock collectibles along the way! Check out the teaser here if you missed it.

Like the previous season, Season of Sanctuary spirits and quests are located in a brand new area in Daylight Prairie. This area will be inaccessible until the season starts on July 13th. The start of the season also marks a visit from a mysterious and sleepy traveler who will appear in Home for a limited time. Who do you think they could be?

Season of Sanctuary Adventure Pass Pre-Order

You can now pre-order the Adventure Pass and receive 10 bonus Seasonal Candles to get a headstart when Season of Sanctuary launches. The Adventure Pass grants you access to unique cosmetics available for a limited time. It may be a long time before these items return and become available for everyone at an increased cost through the Traveling Spirits. Please note, the pre-order bonus is for purchasers of the pre-order; Gift Pass recipients will not receive the pre-order bonus, but will still receive the normal 20 bonus Seasonal Candles that comes with all Adventure Passes. Gift Passes cannot be given to the recipient until the season begins. Additionally, your friends have to satisfy some conditions for you to give Gift Passes. Please check the FAQ “How do I gift the Adventure Pass” to know further details.

Ongoing and Upcoming Events

Sky’s First Anniversary

Sky is turning one year old! Help us celebrate this exciting milestone with birthday-themed festivities:
  • Everyone will have access to a bespoke 1-Year Anniversary Hat gift in exchange for 3 Hearts.
  • Everyone’s invited to the secret location, which will host festive details and decor — including some special, friendly party critters.

Double Treasure Candles Event

As a ‘thank you’ to fans for helping us reach this one-year milestone, the currently active Double Seasonal Light event has been extended to now end on July 19th at 23:59 PDT (UTC-7). Seek out treasure candles (large red candle clusters) in two realms (marked by candles near the portal in Home) each day. Can you find all eight?

Double Seasonal Light Event

Celebrate the new season with a Double Seasonal Light event! Beginning at 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) July 13th, enjoy twice the seasonal light nodes in the daily realm to forge an extra seasonal each day. Try to find all eight! This event concludes 23:59 PDT (UTC-7) July 19th.

Notices & Bug Fixes


Please note the following intentional changes:

  • Spirits have been named to give more narrative detail.
  • The required distance between the player and a spirit memory to advance the spirit memory quest memory has been decreased, allowing players to view the memory sequence from close up.
  • Android ODR support shifted to a new distribution service called PAD which will drastically improve the fail rate of downloading and streaming additional content on Android, but we apologize that some players who get their package from outside Google Play may be temporarily unable to access the game.

Quality of Life Improvements

This version brings additional quality of life improvements including:
  • Fixes that will prevent handhold from breaking when players tap their avatars to ping/call in flight. 
  • Flight mode toggle button now has higher priority than overlapping friend's avatar.
  • Better first time spirit memory visuals for readability.
  • Improvements to the friend block system to block friends in a safer and more complete way.
  • Audio fixes and improvements.

Graphic Improvements and Performance Optimization

We are making continuous improvements to optimize the game to run better and cooler on all devices. You should see performance improvements and networking fixes - let us know if these are better than before! Changes include:

  • Fixed the texture corruption on the mantas at the end of Hidden Forest.
  • General networking fixes to reduce the delay on meditation light pool and certain gate opening. 
  • Optimizations and improvements for Android crashes and overheating issues.
  • Game performance improved on all devices.

Bug Fixes

A number of bugs have been addressed:

  • The Golden Wasteland crab-field should no longer cause some players to freeze for a long time, but it has been difficult to reproduce, so please let us know if the fix works!
  • Resolved issue preventing players from using swings with a size spell active.
  • UI Fixes to the spell shop.
  • Resolved green artifacts on the capes and hair on Android.
  • Resolved constant appearance of red dot on the finale button in the seasonal constellation.
  • Fixed treasure candles and dark plants submerged in water. 
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Added ability to skip the opening cutscenes to Golden Wasteland.
  • Resolved issue where players would be stuck in a loop at the end of Eye of Eden.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!