“Sorry! We screwed up! We have caused a lot of confusion in the community with this post, and wasted a lot of your time and emotions. This article has been released prematurely due to miscommunication. More is coming soon!” - Jenova Chen

Following up on our statement regarding Traveling Spirits, Adventure Passes, and Seasonal item Packs. After carefully reviewing community feedback and requests regarding the Traveling Spirits, we will offer an exchange program for qualifying players. This offer applies only to those who have made one or more of the following purchases:
  • Gratitude Adventure Pass
  • Lightseekers Adventure Pass
  • Belonging Adventure Pass
  • Gratitude Fur Cape Pack
Please read the following for more information about what qualified players are eligible to exchange, along with limitations and expectations.
  • Exchange Gratitude Pendant and Deer Mask Ultimate Gift for 20 Regular Candles
  • Exchange Lightseekers Pendant and Bioluminescent Umbrella Ultimate Gift for 25 Regular Candles
  • Exchange Belonging Pendant and Bonfire Ultimate Gift for 30 Regular Candles 
  • Exchange all earned Gratitude cosmetics that required purchasing Adventure Pass (including seasonal Pendant and Ultimate Gifts) for UP TO 111 Regular Candles
  • Exchange all earned Lightseekers cosmetics that required purchasing Adventure Pass (including seasonal Pendant and Ultimate Gifts) for UP TO 101 Regular Candles
  • Exchange all earned Belonging cosmetics that required purchasing Adventure Pass (including seasonal Pendant and Ultimate Gifts) for UP TO 89 Regular Candles
  • Exchange Gratitude Fur Cape Pack—including the Fur Cape, Bird Mask, sheet 7, and sheet 8—for 60 Regular Candles 
If you are interested in any of these exchanges, please use the following form to submit your request. Before you do, please be aware that:
  • All exchanges are final and cannot be cancelled or reversed once the request is submitted
    • Only one request per Sky ID is permitted, multiple submissions will not be honored
  • If the option to exchange the entire Season Set is selected, this will include the seasonal Pendant, Ultimate Gift(s), and all earned cosmetics that required the Adventure Pass. Cosmetics includes masks, hair, pants, head accessories, capes, props, or instruments, but does NOT include expressions (emotes, stances, calls, or friendship emotes), music sheets, or consumable items such as spells, potions, scrolls or all items unlocked through Traveling Spirits.
  • The exchange value of seasonal cosmetics is 60% of their original Seasonal Candle costs, rounded up to the next whole number
  • Due to the manual handling of this exchange process by our Customer Support agents, please allow at least 14 days to process the exchange before contacting Customer Support to check on the status of your exchange
  • In-game Customer Support cannot provide this exchange; you have to use the form provided below to make this request
  • This exchange is available only to qualifying players who complete this form through the end of August 10th, 2020
  • This exchange program does not include an option to refund your purchase. We are only offering an exchange of items for Candles
  • This is a one-time limited offer to address any confusion or miscommunication regarding Traveling Spirits, and any impact on the value of Adventure Pass items prior to the feature’s introduction, and will not be made available in the future
Please use this form to submit your request: https://forms.gle/ZA1JFAzFJvy1By2W8

Example exchange scenarios: