No. We do not allow the creation or distribution of fan made games or mods that relate to any of TGC’s intellectual properties (IP). This includes, but is not limited to; sequels, prequels, expansions, or add-on that modify or augment the existing products.

We do not approve the creation of games based on official TGC IPs, because it can often create confusion between what is and is not official content. Likewise, it directly competes with the sale of official TGC content.

The reason we do not approve the creation or use of mods, apps, and other services related to TGC’s IPs, is because it often provides an unfair advantage, and can cause interactions with the official material that results in sometimes irreparable errors.

If any of this is unclear, does not properly represent your intended work, or you just have questions; please feel free to contact our customer support team.