If you would like to create a service or app that fans of Sky can use to supplement their Sky experience, you are welcome to do so as long as it does not provide an unfair advantage for those using the app or service. Furthermore, the app or service cannot be sold, or contain sold items or services.

It must also be made clear that the app or service is not an official TGC product in all places it is provided, and such content cannot be used for any purpose or promotion of anything that is not related to the TGC source IP.

The supplemental app or service should not be used in lieu of existing Sky features and services as it would be in direct competition with those features and services. Likewise, it cannot use or contain extracted assets from the official product including but not limited to character models, icons, music, logos, or screen shots.

Disclaimer - These guidelines do not grant a copyright license to any fan made content; and TGC reserves the right to issue a formal takedown request for any reason.

If any of this is unclear, does not properly represent your intended work, or you just have questions; please feel free to contact our customer support team.