[August 20]

We are aware of the following issues and investigating for a fix as soon as possible
  • There is a rare instance with some iOS purchases being stuck in a pending state
  • Lower end iOS devices are crashing, no work around has currently been found
    • Potential work around has been found by updating to the latest OS

We sincerely apologize to those impacted and appreciate your patience.

[August 11]

The in-game timer for thatskyshop.com pre-orders for official Sky merchandise is incorrectly counting down to 23:59 PDT August 16th. Thatskyshop pre-order period ends at 23:59 PDT on August 18th.

[August 7]

Some players are unable to complete Eye of Eden or are experiencing crashes in the level. We are urgently working to address this issue and restore access to other levels as soon as possible.

[August 4]

We are aware of the following issues and working on having them addressed in an upcoming patch:

  • Optimizations made to water rendering have caused unintended results. This change will be reverted in the next update
  • Android 11 users may experience some issues with input controls
  • Screenshots on Android continue to appear distorted
  • Player appearance resets to default/starting hair and cape when transitioning in another level with a group of players

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience while we work to resolve these issues as soon as possible.