“We are grateful for the precious time you share with us and for playing our game. On July 10th, we released a service announcement prematurely which caused confusion to our players. We apologize and take this seriously, and we’re working on a better process to not do that again. We promise to work harder to explain new services or changes, and share how we arrive at our solutions. Thank you!”  - Jenova Chen, Creative Director of Sky 

Early Adventure Pass Holders
thatgamecompany apologizes to veteran Sky players who were early adopters of our Adventure Pass (AP). We hear your frustrations expressed by veteran Sky players who spent real money on the Adventure Pass and feel that the introduction of the ‘Traveling Spirit’ feature betrayed the original expectation of the limited items would never return which in turn has negated or decreased the value of the money spent.

Our community trust is paramount to us, and so we will take immediate steps to:
  • Fix messaging around AP spirits and their prospective return in-game.
  • Balance and improve the ‘Traveling Spirit’ feature to be economically fair for veteran and new players.
  • Listen to your ongoing feedback as we beta-test and continually balance AP and ‘Traveling Spirit’ as we assign time to develop these changes.

Some veteran fans notified us their early AP refund requests to Apple and Google were declined. As we work hard to improve the ‘Traveling Spirit’ feature, we want to honor our apology back in the game. Apple and Google prohibit us from any monetary refunds through the store or app. As a bare minimum, we can offer options for an in-game return policy should you wish.

Do I Have To Participate In This Program?

This program is only for early adopters of the first 3 Seasons. Or for those who purchased the Fur Cape pack and was unhappy, and therefore would like an in-game return.

Am I Eligible For An In-Game Return?

This in-game return policy covers the first 3 Seasons in Sky before the ‘Traveling Spirit’ feature was included. It applies only to those who have purchased one or more of the following:
  • Gratitude Adventure Pass
  • Lightseekers Adventure Pass
  • Belonging Adventure Pass
  • Gratitude Fur Cape Pack

What Are My In-Game Return Options?

Should you want to request an in-game return, we have crafted 3 Options:
  • Season Pendant & Ultimate Gift Only Return Plan:
    If Player returns their Season Pendant and Ultimate Season Gift(s). They will receive 30 Seasonal Candles per each AP season purchased.
    (This covers 90 Seasonal Candles total for these items returned from all 3 AP purchased).
  • Full Season Return Plan:
    If Player returns all earned cosmetics that required purchasing AP (including seasonal Pendant and Ultimate Gifts). They will receive 183 Seasonal Candles for Gratitude, 163 Seasonal Candles for Lightseekers, or 164 Seasonal Candles for Belonging.
    (This covers up to 510 Seasonal Candles for full season cosmetics returned from all 3 AP purchased)
    a) Players will be able to keep their non-paid Seasonal items as part of this in-game return plan.
    b) As Players have used each Season’s AP. We are able to honor a partial return, equating to approximately 60% of the total number of seasonal candles needed to complete each respective season.
    c) Items that cost hearts were converted to candles (3 candles = 1 heart)
  • Gratitude Fur Cape Pack Return Plan:Return Fur Cape and Bird Mask for 60 Seasonal Candles.
    a) The Music Sheet items are yours to keep.
I Would Like An In-Game Return, What’s Next?

If you are interested in any of these in-game return options, please use the form below to submit your request. By opting for an in-game return, please be aware of the following:

  • All returns are final and cannot be cancelled or reversed once they have been made in-game:
    • Only one request per Sky ID is permitted, multiple submissions will not be honored.
    • Players can edit their request up until 23:59 PDT (UTC-7) September 17, 2020.
  • If you select “Full Season Return Plan”, please note this WILL DEDUCT the seasonal Pendant, Ultimate Gift(s), and all earned cosmetics that require the Adventure Pass. Cosmetics includes masks, hair, head accessories, capes, props, or instruments. You WILL KEEP your expressions (emotes, stances, calls, or friendship emotes), music sheets, or consumable items such as spells, potions, or scrolls.
  • The return value of seasonal cosmetics is approximately 60% of their original Seasonal Candle costs, rounded to the next whole number.
  • This form will be open for 30 days. Submissions after 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) September 18, 2020 will not be accepted.
    • Please allow 21 days after submissions close before contacting Customer Support regarding the status of your return request.
    • We will not process submissions until after the form closes, which will take up to 21 days for completion.
    • You will see the exchanges completed to your account no sooner than Oct 9, 2020. Please wait until after this time to contact Customer Support regarding the status of your return request.
    • If multiple submissions are submitted, only the newest request will be honored.
  • Sky In-game Customer Support cannot provide this exchange; you have to use the form provided below to make this request.
  • This is a one-time limited offer to honor any confusion or miscommunication regarding our ‘Traveling Spirit’ game feature. This does not have any impact on the value of AP items prior to the feature’s introduction, and will not be made available in the future.
Thank you for your understanding. Please use this form to submit your request: