Greetings Adventurers!

This hotfix addresses a number of issues introduced in Patch 0.10.2 as well as additional bug fixes and quality of life improvements:
  • [Android] Fixed flickering graphics
  • [Android] Players should no longer crash when trying to take screenshots
  • Winged Light statues in Eye of Eden should no longer cause crashes
  • [Android] Reduced memory usage, resulting in fewer crashes on lower end devices
  • Fixed in-game countdown timer for the sleepy traveler’s departure to 23:59 PDT August 18th. (was august 16th)
  • Reverted some changes made in patch 0.10.2 to water rendering that had some unintended effects
  • Final Treasure Hunt (Bell) quest date moved to September 8th (was August 17th)
  • Revisions to a number of Korean translations for clarity, grammar, and consistency
  • Fixed issue causing players' appearance to reset to default/starting hair and cape when transitioning in another level with a group of players

Season of Sanctuary Updates

Final Treasure Hunt (Bell) quest will become available on September 8th. We have decided to delay the date for the sixth, and final, Treasure Hunt (bell) quest in Sanctuary Islands until September 8th. This date was chosen to ensure we have plenty of time to verify the preceding content patch is stable and includes fixes for a number of recent issues introduced or persisting through recent patches and hotfixes.

Thatskyshop Pre-orders end soon

At 23:59 PDT on August 18th, our official Sky merch shop will no longer be accepting pre-orders so that we can begin production of the physical items. Follow @thatskyshop on Instagram and Twitter for updates!

Traveling Spirits

Following up on the previously announced delay of a Traveling Spirit on June 25th, we want to clarify that Traveling Spirits will appear every two weeks, regardless whether a Season is active or not. This decision was made to provide a more consistent experience with this feature. Our Traveling Spirit FAQ has been updated to also reflect this change. Traveling Spirits will appear on the following upcoming dates:
  • August 20th
  • September 3rd
  • September 17th
Update On Early Adventure Pass Program

As Sky’s community grows and Seasons continue to evolve alongside in-game features, we are thankful to all of our veteran players who are alongside us growing this special game.  

Due to a recent miscommunication, it was evident that we did not clarify our intentions clearly around Seasons and the ‘Traveling Spirit’ game feature, which disappointed our veteran players.  While we are a small team, we will do our utmost to provide clearer messaging and avoid miscommunications around the live nature and the expansion of Sky in the future. 

Some players have inquired about return. For our early Adventure Pass Holders, we have included an extended update status on this matter, options for an in-game return, as well as a note of apology from the game’s creator here: Update On Early Adventure Pass Program

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!