Greetings Adventurers!

The Season of Sanctuary will soon be coming to a close as the spirits prepare to return to their daily lives. This Patch includes finishing touches for the Season’s conclusion, quality of life improvements, numerous bug fixes, and preparation for a new holiday event!

Season of Sanctuary Ends Soon

Heads up, Sky adventurers! The final treasure hunt quest becomes available starting on September 8th, and completing this quest will unlock the finale for the Season of Sanctuary. All treasure hunt quests and the finale cutscene will be available for all players to complete after Sanctuary has concluded, and will award regular hearts at completion. For a fun surprise, visit the bell tower after completing all six quests — and bring five friends who have unlocked the pout expression from Hidden Forest for an even better experience!

Days of Summer Lights

At 00:00 PDT on September 8th, a new holiday event will begin. The Sleepy Traveler’s boat will return with a version of the Spell Shop (normally found in Golden Wasteland after completing all six quests to restore the Forgotten Ark) for the duration of the event. Players will be able to obtain two brand new types of spells—Message Boat and Lantern—for free, with the option to craft more in exchange for Candles. Players may purchase a permanent version of the Summer Lantern in the Days of Summer Pack, which includes 35 Candles, for $19.99 USD. Players will be able to collect twice as much Seasonal Light each day of the event, allowing the forge of two Seasonal Candles instead of one. See our Days of Summer Lights preview blogs for a behind the scenes look at the development of this event. Event concludes 23:59 PDT September 20th.
  • Message boats have 30min cooldown
  • Can only be placed in water
  • Function similar to message candles
  • Spells will be available in the Golden Wasteland Spell Shop after the event concludes
  • Lantern Spells last 10 minutes
  • When used, Lantern Spell also gives nearby (holding hands) friends a temporary Lantern

Adventure Pass Pre-order

Pre-orders for the yet-to-be-announced Season will begin at 12:00 noon PDT on September 21st. Keep an eye on our social channels and join the official Sky Discord for news and updates about this upcoming Season!

Quality of Life Improvements
  • Updated Flight UI buttons and Cape Energy meter for better readability when switching between flight modes
  • Spirits’ memories can be relived by all players without needing a friend who is experiencing it for the first time 
    • Added hint text to more clearly indicate Spirits’ expressions you have already collected
      • NOTE: Localized hint text may be missing for this feature. This will be corrected in the next patch update. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  
    • Improved visual clarity for memory fragments of non-seasonal spirit quests
  • Added ability to disable Warp from friends with whom you’ve unlocked the ability 
  • UI improvements for Elder friendship trees and price changes for non-seasonal Ultimate Gifts
    • Ultimate Gifts now cost Ascended Candles instead of Hearts
    • Ultimate Gifts now appear in Closet to preview
  • Changed UI colors so that all UI and menu elements are a consistent color
  • Added a button scale toggle between large and small key sizes for all instrument menus
  • Added brazier to Forgotten Ark for players to recharge themselves when returning to other areas of Golden Wasteland
  • After you report a player, a caution icon will now appear above their head. If you are friends with the reported player, we recommend that you also block them after reporting
  • Reduced currency costs of some items in the Spell Shop

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed issue where light would visually show as collected before registering with the server. If your network connection is weak or slow, it may take a little extra time for the light to show collected in your candle currency counter.
  • Fixed issue where some temples could be accessed from the exit side
  • Music in the sunny area of Hidden Forest will now restart upon entry. Previously music carried over from other areas of the level, resulting in the appearance of no music playing when reaching this area
  • Fixed issue where text would disappear after cancelling a purchase in a Spirit’s friendship tree
  • Increased size of spell buff UI icon for better readability
  • Fixed issue where intellectual spirits were missing their hats
  • Fixed issue where the Golden Wasteland temple could be accessed without activating the entrance gate
  • Fixed issue where players’ legs would clip with the chair when seated at a Table
  • Localization improvements for Spanish, Russian, and Chinese
  • Fixed issue where players would spawn inside the pillar when transitioning to the forest area of Hidden Forest
  • Improvements to Fireworks staff UI
  • Added hint text indicating more cape power is needed to burn some darkness plants
  • Removed extra blue flame from Secret Area left over from Anniversary event
  • Fixed issue where confirmation text with more than one line would appear incorrectly on devices with nonstandard aspect ratios
  • Moved button to release a held crab from top right corner to bottom center
  • Added Spirit tombstones to the beginning of Isle of Dawn, to match the relocation of tombstones in other realms in a previous patch
  • Fixed incorrect glow on Season of Sanctuary pendant, appearance now matches other Seasonal Pendants
  • Added support for Sky Merch for NFC compatible devices 
    • Devices that do not support background scanning can find a STAR button in the Main Menu
      • This feature is still being finalized and will show a “still under development” notification when tapped

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!