Greetings Adventurers,

Welcome to the Season of Prophecy!

The Season of Prophecy will take adventurers on an origin story to expand the lore behind the kingdom of Sky. Continuing to break away from the original Seasonal format lets us provide better content and lore while delivering a full Season's worth of cosmetics and items. Challenging our own format allows us to tell powerful stories while not being obligated to meet criteria that don't resonate with the experience we want to provide.

Venture forth into the eerie new Cave of Prophecies in Isle of Dawn to begin your adventure—a stark contrast to the relaxing, sunny experience that was the Season of Sanctuary. Straying from the traditional six spirits that appear during a Season, the Season of Prophecy focuses on four Prophets—who will present challenges the likes of which Sky Children have never seen before. Team up with fellow adventurers—newcomers and veterans alike—to face these trials in creative ways, and celebrate the challenges you've overcome together.

Days of Mischief

Celebrate Days of Mischief beginning at 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) on Thursday October 22nd! The Secret Area on the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge has received a spooky makeover and will be open for all Sky adventurers to enjoy! Two new spooky items—Mischief Witch Hat and Mischief Web Cape—will be available in the Shop for the duration of the event. The holiday items from last year will be available for purchase again in the Secret Area. The Sleepy Traveler’s boat will appear in Home again with free spell versions of all new and returning holiday cosmetics for all to enjoy! Days of Mischief concludes at 23:59 PST (UTC-8) November 4th.

Daylight Saving Ends November 1 2020

Daylight saving time 2020 in California will end at 2:00 AM on Sunday, November 1st. Time documentation will change from PDT(UTC-7) to PST(UTC-8). If your region does not participate in Daylight Saving, the daily reset will occur one hour later.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixed issue with Forest Elder's shop
  • Fixed issue with Bird mask from Gratitude
  • Fixed broken texture making some terrain appear grey and blue
  • Fixed issue where some birds appeared black
  • Fixed broken Closet texture in Daylight Prairie
  • Fixed missing localization for reliving spirit memories
  • Fixed issue of Seasonal Candle in Home showing the icon for the incorrect active Season
  • Fixed warp block function—also moved Warp lower in the friendship tree
  • Fixed issue where crab carry and Lantern toggle buttons overlapped
  • Replaced flight toggle sound
  • Fixed issue with spell use cooldowns not displaying correctly or at all
  • Fixed localization for several languages for consistency
  • The tree in Vault of Knowledge should now appear when reliving the Polite Scholar's memories
  • Improved messaging for block friend confirmation screen
  • Fixed missing birth buffs from Traveling Spirits
  • Missing jellies have returned beneath the ice rink in Valley of Triumph
  • A rock from Isle of Dawn has gone on vacation to Sanctuary Islands and decided to move there permanently in order to fulfill its lifelong dream of observing jellyfish in their natural habitat
  • Fixed Issue where meditation circles would get stuck or fail to appear
  • Crash fixes for memory-related issues in some devices
  • Music sheet UI should now scale properly
  • Fixed overlapping buttons in UI
  • Area beneath the Valley ice rink now appears to be under water
  • Removed damage received when hitting walls at high speed
  • Improved visibility of lens flare to distinguish spirits’ memories required for the daily quest from all other spirits
  • Flame icon changes to an unclickable radar icon when you are too far away from a spirit’s husk to complete reliving its memories to avoid tapping by mistake
  • Fixed several visual issues in Sanctuary Island
  • Fixed some stretched textures in Golden Wasteland
  • Added a brazier to recharge cape in Isle of Dawn on the way to Cave of Prophecies
  • Player character’s hands should no longer clip through the piano while playing
  • Message Boats can no longer be places in ooze—this was causing issues with statues in Eye of Eden

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!