The original Beta Cape reward was a one-time gift from TGC for testers who helped us test Sky prior to the launch of the global version of the game. They were a huge influence on the game we all know and love today, and we wanted to give them a special “thank you” for all the time and effort they put into helping us create Sky.

Important - This process was completed shortly after the global launch of the game, and the Beta Cape is no longer available.

Please note that the Beta cape is different from the Founders cape, which can be obtained by opening the Shop Menu while visiting the Secret Area and purchasing the Founders Pack. They’re both blue on the outside, but the Beta cape has a white interior while the Founders cape has a black interior. Both can be used to access the Secret Area. 

We don’t currently have plans for additional Beta tester rewards, and will not be providing the Beta cape to player’s retroactively.