Greetings Adventurers!

The Season of Prophecy is entering its final weeks—have you overcome the Trials and completed the Seasonal Constellation?

Adventure Pass Pre-order

Pre-orders for the upcoming Season will become available at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) on December 15th. Keep an eye on our social channels for previews and announcements!

11th Star Cape Pattern Revealed

Thank you all so much for our patience while we worked to deliver the updated cape pattern for those who have reached this new milestone!

Days of Giving

Celebrate Days of Giving beginning at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) on November 23rd! All gifted Hearts and daily gifts of light from the Friend Constellation will be doubled until 12 noon PST (UTC-8) November 30th. Please note the start and end times of this event occur 12 hours after the daily reset time.

Days of Feast

Celebrate Days of Feast in December. Keep an eye on Discord and our other social media platforms for more information on this special event!

Facebook Player Finder

Connect with Facebook friends who also play Sky by linking your Sky account to Facebook and extending an invitation! The “Invite” button in the favorite friends constellation will change to an “Add Friends” button. After linking your account and granting Facebook permission to access friend data, you will be able to invite friends to connect in Sky and see invitations from Facebook friends in-game. This is an optional feature to connect with existing friends outside of Sky. You will still be able to connect with or invite friends to play Sky via QR Code.

Serendipity Matchmaking with Facebook or STAR items

Connect with fellow STAR item owners or Facebook users when you bind or link your Sky account. Periodically you will have the opportunity to join a stranger for adventure. If you enjoyed your time together, you can choose to befriend your new companion.

Bug Fixes and Improvements
  • Fixed issue allowing players to buy consumable items from the Spell Shop that exceeded the inventory limit of 100 spells.
  • Revamped the Spirit Memories of the “Point” and “Come” spirits for better story readability, renamed spirits to better reflect their updated stories
    • Pointing Pilgrim is now Pointing Candlemaker
    • Ushering Migrant is now Ushering Stargazer
  • Reduced brightness after completing the of Fire Trial before returning back to the main cave
  • You and I STAR pin functionality now enabled
  • Ultimate item constellation should no longer display the wrong icon
  • Improvements to splitting when players become too far apart in a level
  • Players no longer need to relog to see the effects of their Resize Potion
  • Fixed an issue causing players to appear in the default hair and cape to others
    • Please note this is a related but different issue than the persistent network and authority-related “moth bug” issue with a similar visual effect

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!