Important - We are working in collaboration with Facebook to develop this feature, which means things will likely change as we or they made changes to this brand new feature.

The Facebook Player Finder allows you to send a Sky friend request to your Facebook friends who also play Sky and have activated Player Finder.

After sending an invitation, your friend will need to accept it. They will not appear as a friend in your constellation until they have accepted the invitation.

Follow these steps to send a Player Finder request:

  • Navigate to the Light constellation (crown) and tap the pulsing “Add Friends” button in the center.
  • Select the Facebook “f” from the menu that appears to access this feature.

Important - If you are not already linked to Facebook on this Sky profile, a dialog will appear asking you to link your account first. Likewise, if you are already linked to Facebook, but have not granted Sky permission to retrieve your Facebook friend information, Sky will ask for this permission as well. You must complete both of these tasks before the Player Finder feature will work.

  • If you are linked to Facebook and have given Sky permission to access your friends, you will navigate to the Player Finder on Facebook for additional steps. If you do not have the Facebook app on your device, you will need to download it first. It will not work from a browser alone.

Important - If you would like to invite your Facebook friends to play Sky with you, you should use the QR code invite system first.

If the Facebook friend already plays Sky, and has also activated Player Finder, they will appear in the “Connect in Game” section. Clicking “Connect” will send them a friend request in Sky and they will appear in your Light constellation as a pending invitation with the Facebook “f” next to it.