We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.11.4:
  • Friend constellation is refreshing after tapping on a friend's name
  • Player are periodically getting stuck in Eden during a certain part of the level
  • Players, upon completing the Water Trial, are being sent to the beginning of the trial instead of being returned to the Cave of Prophecies
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience while we identify fixes for these issues and hope to have them addressed in a future update.
The following intentional changes were not included in the 0.11.4 Patch notes:
  • The daily quest (!) and the Seasonal Guide friendship tree buttons have been changed so that only one button will appear at a time when approaching the the daily Quest Giver in Home. To switch between the two buttons, players must move their Skykid closer or further away from the Quest Giver. This change was made to fix and issue encountered by players who use a controller to move in Sky.
  • Some expressions have been moved lower in the Friendship Tree between fellow players, causing some unlocked friendship expressions, such as carry/piggyback, to be available while their prerequisite expressions, such as hair tousle, remain locked.