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What Is STAR?
STAR is an NFC technology that we've embedded into some of our merchandise — in the shape of a star! STAR gives you the ability to make real-life connections and experiences both inside and outside of Sky. Each STAR comes with a unique feature based on the item’s design allowing you to scan it with your compatible device to activate fun in-game features.

STAR Poems
The poems featured in the Shop and on the merchandise packaging are not related to STAR features. The poems are written relating to the character in the game and are our way of sharing a little extra with the fans.

What devices can use STAR?
STAR features are compatible with iPhone 7 or later, but most optimal with iPhone 8 or later iPhone models, and require iOS 13 or higher. They are also compatible with Android NFC enabled devices.
We recommend testing the usability of your device’s NFC before buying NFC embedded products.

The sensitivity of the NFC scanner on early compatible models, refurbished devices and/or counterfeit devices may be unstable or defective. You can also scan the STAR on a compatible device then switch to continue playing on an iPad or other devices if both devices are logged into the same Sky account.

If you're not sure if your device is NFC enabled, please contact the manufacturer or your service provider for more information.

NFC Scanning
There are some devices that support background scanning, meaning they can scan NFC chips at ANY time. This includes the Home screen of the device as well as from within any app running on the device.

Devices that support foreground scanning will require the user to manually activate the "scanning" process from within any app which supports scanning NFC. In this case, from the “STAR” tab of the game’s main menu.

Binding a STAR Item to your Sky Account
When scanning a STAR item for the first time, Sky should ask the player if they’d like to bind the item to their account. This action can not be undone and is meant to be permanent- each item can only be bound to a single Sky account.

If your STAR Pin isn’t Scanning Correctly
-Make sure that your device is NFC enabled.
-For iOS devices, please make sure that you’re updated to iOS 13 or later.
-Make sure you’re holding the pin over the NFC antenna in your device, with the STAR image closest to your device.
-When holding the pin over your device’s NFC antenna, please wait a few seconds to see if it scans.
-Restart and open Sky before scanning your pin.
-If your device has a case, try removing it first before scanning.
-Try removing the backing of the STAR pin before scanning.
-If you have another NFC product, try scanning it to see if you experience the same issue.
-If you have another device that supports NFC, try scanning the pin on that device.

If none of the above options results in NFC recognition, particularly if other NFC products are functional, or if the NFC product can be scanned but displays a "stack" error, then please contact for assistance.

If the NFC product can be scanned and activated in the Sky game, this indicates that the NFC product is functional. If you are unable to observe the in-game effects of the NFC product after scanning it, please Contact Us.

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