Greetings Adventurers!

This Hotfix update includes the following improvements:

  • Fixed issue causing the camera to orient toward the lift area in Village of Dreams and lock up
  • The second quest from the Dreams Guide can now be completed
  • Fixed issue causing the end point of nonseasonal Spirit memories to disappear, preventing reliving them from being completed
  • Fixed crash occurring when launching Sky while listening to external audio

Quality of Life Improvements

Thanks to community feedback, we have made a few changes regarding Gift Passes and the interaction with head accessories while listening to external audio on iOS.
  • When a head accessory is worn—such as ear muffs, anniversary hat, and Days of Feast Horns—the headphones will no longer appear when listening to external audio.

We reviewed the stipulations needed to be met in order to use leftover Gift Passes between friends and made the following changes:
  • Players no longer need to own the current Season’s Adventure Pass to use leftover Gift Passes on friends
All other gifting restrictions still apply:
  • Be friends with the recipient for 3 days
  • Be in-person with the recipient to access their friendship tree in-game
  • Gift Passes may be used during the Pre-order period and active Season
When the game first launched, our original intent by requiring owning the current season’s Adventure Pass in order to use Gift Passes on friends stemmed from our desire to avoid a scenario where players were prompted to buy Gift Passes from the Friendship Tree unless they were already a Pass-holder and familiar with the feature. We did not wish them to feel pressured to make a purchase without understanding how the AP works for themselves before purchasing additional Gift Passes for others. As Sky and its community has evolved, we agree with our players, and feel comfortable lifting this restriction.

Bug Fixes

The following issues were resolved with a server update on January 11th:
  • Missing Seasonal Spirits in Village of Dreams
  • Issues forcing the camera to orient toward the start point to relive the memories of both active and inactive spirits

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!