Greetings Adventurers!

Sharpen your skills and hit the ice, the Season of Dreams skates on. This patch update includes a number of improvements in preparation for two upcoming holiday events. Read on for more information about these exciting events!

Days of Fortune and Days of Love

Days of Fortune begins at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) Monday February 8th 2021; ends at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) Monday March 1st. Holiday activities will roll out in three phases over the course of the event:

Week 1

  • New outfits available for purchase in the Shop (Feb 8 through March 1):
    • Days of Fortune Orange (head accessory) - $0.99 
    • Days of Fortune Pack: $24.99
      • Days of Fortune Cape
      • Fortune Bun Hair
      • Fortune Blushing Mask
  • An auspicious visitor will periodically appear in Home for a short time
    • New activity to obtain Light—during the last minute of the visitor’s appearance, round firecrackers will pour from its mouth that players can burn to obtain Light 
      • there is a limit to the amount of Light players can collect each day from the visitor
      • Beginning at 00:00 PST (UTC-8) on February 11th, 12th, and 28th—the visitor will appear more frequently to mark the Lunar New Year and the event nearing its conclusion
  • The Secret Place located on the ground floor of Vault of Knowledge will be open for all to visit, a special Days of Fortune Staff will have festive items available for in-game currency. These items will be available the entire duration of Days of Fortune (including the Days of Love item)
    • Days of Love mask - 15 Hearts
    • Days of Fortune mask - 54 Candles
    • Days of Fortune headdress - 66 Candles
    • Regular Heart - 3 Candles
    • 3x Fortune Blessings - 2 Candles per Blessing (contain 2x spell versions of the outfits from this Spirit)
  • A new option will appear in the Friendship Tree allowing players to gift 5 hearts to friends for 14 candles
    • Requires having the doublefive expression unlocked with the recipient
    • Must be given in-person, cannot be gifted from the Friend Constellation
    • This gift will only be available during Days of Fortune
    • Can be given once per day, per friend
    • can still gift single heart for 3 candles (for a total of 6 hearts per day per friend)

Week 2 - Days of Love

  • Days of Love begins at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) Friday February 12th; ends 12 noon PST (UTC-8) Sunday February 21st
  • Home will receive a dash of color to hail the festivities
  • New and returning items available for purchase in the Shop (Feb 12 through Feb 21):
    • Days of Love Seesaw available in the Shop - $19.99
      • Pack comes with 35 Seasonal Candles
    • Days of Love Swing returns—available in the Shop only while in the Secret Area—for $19.99
      • Pack comes with 35 Seasonal Candles 
  • Double heart event
    • Single heart gifts from the friendship tree or friend constellation will be doubled
    • Daily gifts of light—lighting your friends' stars/candles from the friend constellation—are also doubled
    • Bonus does not apply to the special 5 heart gift available for Days of Fortune 

Week 3

  • Begins at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) on Sunday February 21st; ends at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) Monday March 1st
  • New item available for purchase in the Shop (Feb 21 through Mar 1):
    • Days of Fortune Wool Hat becomes available in the Shop - $9.99
      • Free Spell version appears on the Sleepy Traveler’s boat
  • Message boats will appear as floating lanterns for the remainder of the holiday event
    • Spell icon remains the same, but the interface when placing the lantern reflects the holiday version
    • Players can obtain 3x free message boat spells from the Sleepy Traveler’s boat

Sleepy Traveler

Over the course of the event, the Sleepy Traveler’s boat returns with free spell versions of all items. Some spells will become available as their associated IAP items appear in the Shop:
  • 2x Days of Fortune Orange
  • 2x Days of Fortune Cape
  • 2x Fortune Blushing Mask
  • 2x Fortune Bun Hair
  • 2x Days of Love Swing (Week 2)
  • 2x Days of Love Seesaw (Week 2)
  • 2x Days of Love mask (Week 2)
  • 2x Days of Fortune mask
  • 2x Days of Fortune headdress
  • 2x Days of Fortune Wool Hat (Week 3)
  • 3x Message Boat Spells (Week 3)

Tier 2 Heart Capes

The following Tier 2 Heart Capes will become available:
  • Green
  • Dark Blue

Bug Fixes and Adjustments

  • Reducing the number of message boats that appear in a given level to reduce visual clutter.
  • Several cutscenes can now be skipped
  • Reduced the minimum height change of Resize Potions from 0.8 to 0.5
  • Added new hint text when using Resize Potions to indicate whether height changed by a little or a lot
  • Reduced difficulty of some Trials
  • Camera should no longer sway when using the Swing
  • Additional fix for devices encountering an issue causing the utility menu and the return home confirmation screen to scale larger than the size of the device screen that were not resolved in Patch 0.12.1
  • Improvements to avoid getting stuck in the final area of Eye of Eden
  • Increased the number of likes needed to earn a heart from message candles and boats 
  • Additional improvements to Valley of Triumph coliseum
  • Improved manta STAR pin effect 
  • Bonus candle text should no longer appear orange on Regular Candle pack icons in the IAP shop
  • Streamlined naming convention of outfit spells
  • Translation updates for Korean and Portuguese
  • [Android] Updated graphics setting options for some newer devices
  • Fixed issue causing cape stars to clip through some prop items equipped on a player’s back
  • Fixed issue preventing candle animation from occurring when forging candles or making candle purchases from the Shop

Known Issues

  • Issues with the placement and spacing of the stars on various capes
  • Some hairstyles, including the Fortune Bun Hair, have a metallic or shiny appearance to them

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!