[Update - February 26 16:30 PST]

Due to a bug causing the felicitous visitor to appear 12 hours early at the beginning of Days of Fortune and in order to avoid the same bug from causing the visitor to disappear prematurely, we will be extending the visitor's appearance an additional 12 hours. The visitor will now depart at 23:59 PST (UTC-8) March 1st. Please note all other Days of Fortune items, features, and activities will still end at 12 noon PST (UTC-8) on March 1st.

[Update - February 10 18:30 PST]

  • We are aware of the negative impact regarding a fix implemented to prevent players from getting stuck in a loop in Eye of Eden. We appreciate the community feedback and will be taking a different approach to fixing this bug in a future patch update
  • Some players are experiencing issues seeing or collecting Light from the felicitous visitor in Home. The team is still investigating the cause of, and a solution to, this issue
  • The issue causing the removal of some candles in Vault of Knowledge is also in effect in other areas, such as the Trials in Isle of Dawn. These changes were made in preparation for the Daily Light feature (check out our system preview blog) that will be implemented later this year, but have prematurely appeared in the Live version of the game
  • The Valley of Triumph Coliseum revamp has caused some Treasure Candles (large red candle clusters) to become buried in the terrain, rendering them inaccessible through normal means

[February 6 19:15 PST]

We are aware of the following issues introduced in Patch 0.12.3:

  • A number of candle nodes are missing in Vault of Knowledge

The team is working on identifying a solution as quickly as possible, but do not currently have an ETA for a fix. We appreciate your patience during this time and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may cause until it can be resolved.