There are two ways you can obtain Candles:
  • Collect enough Light to forge a Candle.
    • You can collect Light from various sources in the game, mainly by lighting red candles and burning dark plants. You also receive regular Candles for completing Daily Quests when there is no active Season. During an active Season, the Daily Quests reward Seasonal Candles instead.
  • Purchase Candles from the in-game Shop.
There are a variety of ways you can get Hearts, including:
  • Receiving them as Gifts from friends.
  • Obtaining them from Spirits’ friendship trees.
  • Combining Heart pieces to forge a Heart. You get Heart pieces from collecting Light Gifts your friends send you in the Constellation Menu.
  • Using Message Shrines, Message Candles, Message Boats, Shared Spaces, and Shared Memories. Please see our dedicated FAQ for more information.
You can gift someone a Heart by:
  1. Tapping on a friend’s avatar when you meet them in-game, or tapping on their star in your Constellation Menu.
  2. Selecting the Gift Heart option.
  3. Converting 3 Candles into a Heart for that player.
Note - You can only do this once per day for each friend.