We may share your information with 3rd parties to give the best game experience possible. Here we give a high level outline of the types of companies we send data to and why:

  • If you link your account to social networks, we send data to these social networks to enable the social activities in the game. For example, so that you can add friends, send and receive gifts, and post on social media.
  • We send data to companies who provide analytics services or research institutes to improve the whole game experience for you. From things like enabling us to tell which levels might be too difficult so we can adjust them, to enforcing our Terms of Service by preventing hacker activities.
  • We send data to crash reporting service companies to provide technical support and respond to user inquiries.
  • We send data to our own database in order to save your game progress through the levels.
  • We send data to ad networks in order to inform users about new products or promotional offers.
  • We send data to attribution tracking companies so that we can know from where you learnt about the game (i.e. we can tell if you came to the game through one of our advertisements or if you just found it on the store).
  • In games where Chat is available, we send data to chat system management companies in order to filter profanities and keep the chat a safe and fun place to be.

For detailed information please read our Privacy Policy Section 5. Sharing of Your Information.