Greetings Adventurers!

This patch update brings our latest holiday event—Days of Bloom—and preparations for the upcoming Season of Assembly!

Days of Bloom

Celebrate the arrival of spring with an offering of petal-themed items and scenery while you relax with friends in Sky! A barren tree will appear in Home, signaling the event will begin in a few days. Days of Bloom begins 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) on March 22nd. Once the event is underway, the Days of Bloom Guide will appear, offering a new hairstyle and cape in exchange for in-game currencies. The Bloom Teaset will be available for purchase in the IAP Shop. Days of Bloom concludes 23:59 PST (UTC-7) on April 4th. The barren Bloom Tree will persist for a few days after the event concludes.
  • Bloom Hair - 20 Hearts
  • Bloom Cape - 70 Candles
  • Bloom Teaset (includes 35 Candles) - $19.99 USD (regional pricing may vary depending on local taxes and exchange rates)
    • After enjoying a quiet cup of tea, two players may chat at the table.
The Bloom tree in Home will go through various states of blossoming over the course of the event. During some states, players will be able to collect Light as it falls from the tree—the amount of Light that falls varies based on its bloom state. The Sleepy Traveler’s boat will appear in Home with free spell versions of the Bloom items.
  • 2x Bloom Hair
  • 2x Bloom Cape
  • 2x Bloom Teaset
All new Daily Quests will be available each day, players will be challenged to find the sapling within the Daily realm and spend a short while taking in its beauty. During certain times each day, the sky in Home will turn overcast.

Season of Assembly

Preorders for the upcoming Season of Assembly will be available beginning at 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) on March 17th. Several parts of Hidden Forest have undergone changes in preparation for the season.

Daily Light

Daily Light is a new system that encourages a small amount of highly rewarding play each day, while discouraging long candle grinds. At the start of each day, your sky child will be fully refreshed, meaning you will forge candles very quickly, requiring less light than what players are used to. This is represented in the UI by three blue chevrons. As you collect Light through the realms and forge candles, the number of chevrons will decrease, requiring more Light to forge subsequent candles. Every five candles forged, the number of chevrons will be reduced by one. The goal of these changes is to allow players to collect a typical number of candles each day more quickly, so they can spend more quality time with friends. Players will still be able to collect roughly the same maximum amount of candles as before, however the rate at which candles are forged will be slightly altered. In addition to this new system, the amount of Light accessible in all the realms has been increased, to incentivize players to visit areas that were previously considered less efficient for candle farming. This will also allow players to choose their favorite places to visit instead of the areas that are the most efficient for Light collection.


Players can now receive messages via the new Inbox feature!
  • Added Inbox button to Utility Menu—you can access this menu by tapping the upper right corner of the screen
  • Players can only receive messages from thatgamecompany at this time
  • Customer Support tickets will still be managed by tapping the Support button in the Utility Menu
  • We plan to add additional functionality in future Patch Updates

Other Updates

  • Players can now use expressions while chatting, sitting, lying down, or flying
  • Purple Tier 2 Heart cape is now available from the Dismayed Hunter
  • Added Audio button to Utility Menu—Music and Sound Effects can now be toggled On and Off. You can access this menu by tapping the upper right corner of the screen
  • The ‘Play’ button now appears before the Sky logo and Home appears
  • Updated Friendship Constellation UI
  • The intro scene to Hidden Forest will no longer play for players who have previously seen it and collected at least one expression from the realm, and their skykid will no longer be locked in the rain
  • [iOS] Improvements to Disable Chat functionality in iOS Settings
  • All mantas are now affected by the manta STAR pin function
  • While taking a break from jellyfish-watching, the rock decided to stop by a small village in the Valley of Triumph. They've been inspired by all the Skykids they've seen, and hope that they can teach their jelly friends how to ice skate, too!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where players could eavesdrop at a chat bench by using the sit expression while positioned on an occupied seat
  • The beacon expression now glows once more when used with friends
  • Fixed issue in Vault of Knowledge where mantas were using the incorrect voice
  • Added missing translations for a few languages
  • Fixed issue in Secret Area preventing players from traveling to another area within the Secret Area
  • Replaced fix for loop issue in Eye of Eden added in 0.12.3 with an alternative fix
    Fixed issue where Dark Dragons would not target players who were quickly tapping expressions

Known Issues

  • On some devices, some older hairstyles have texture artifacting that will be addressed in a future patch update

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!