Each day the Quest Giver spirit moves to stand in front of a different portal. When there is no active Season in Sky, you can talk to the Quest Giver in Home in order to collect four quests each day.
Completing each one of these Daily Quests rewards you with one regular Candle, for a total of four candles per day from all Daily Quests.

Return and speak to the Spirit in Home to collect your reward when each quest is complete.

There are four types of quests every day:
Social - Do something fun with a friend!
Seasonal - Tasks inspired by the theme of the season.
Ecology - Interact with the world and the creatures.
Spirit - Find or revisit one of the Spirits and experience their memories.

Tap the top left of the screen to show your quest list and progress at any time.

When there is an active Season, a new Quest Giver will appear to offer Daily Quests. Completing these quests will let you claim Seasonal Candle rewards instead of regular Candles.