Greetings Adventurers!

This patch update hails the arrival of the Season of Assembly—rally your friends and help a merry band of scout spirits to restore their secret Treehouse hideout.

Season of Assembly

Team up with your friends to help a group of Scout Spirits spruce up a treehouse in a secluded clearing. Visit the Hidden Forest to begin your adventures in Season of Assembly. In the coming weeks, team up with 1 to 3 other friends to seek out the other scouts and complete all new scavenger hunt quests.

Other Updates
  • Added a new body item to the Hide’n’Seek Pioneer’s friendship tree, similar to Tier 2 Heart capes, it does not contribute to constellation completion
  • Added idle animation particle effect so others can see more clearly when you are away from your device while still logged into the game. The longer you are away the larger the particle effect becomes

Bug Fixes

  • Adjusted friend constellation UI to better distinguish if a friend’s star has been lit
  • Removed test spell from the Spell Shop that is intended only for beta
  • Updated pre-order image for Adventure Pass in the Shop
  • Fixed missing animation when turning in daily quests and getting candle reward
  • Fixed issue where player could get stuck in an animation loop after using charged shout
  • The warp Home button should no longer have a persistent red dot notification
  • Fixed issue where meditation circles were not appearing in quest cutscene when player is already on a quest
  • Fixed issue where movement would lock up after using an expression with a looping animation
  • Players can now use charged shout while seated or lying down
  • Fixed issue preventing message candles from being reported
  • Fixed issue where messages from blocked friends could still be seen
  • Localization updates
  • Fixed issue causing players to become unseated when a new player enters an area
  • Fixed issue allowing chat table items to warp other players across a map without having sat at the table first that could be used for griefing
  • Fixed issue causing audio to cut out
  • Crash fixes

Known Issues

  • On some devices, some older hairstyles have texture artifacting that will be addressed in a future patch update
  • Assembly Guide in Portuguese is spelled incorrectly

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!