Daily Light is a new system that encourages a small amount of highly rewarding play each day, while trying to make the daily grind for candles feel better and less repetitive. 

  • At the start of each day, your sky child will be fully refreshed, meaning you will forge candles very quickly, requiring less light than what players are used to.
  • This is represented in the UI by three chevrons. As you collect Light through the realms and forge candles, the number of chevrons will decrease, requiring more Light to forge subsequent candles.
  • Every five candles worth of Light that you collect, the number of chevrons will be reduced by one.
  • In addition to this new system, the amount of Light accessible in all the realms has been increased, allowing players to choose their favorite places to visit instead of the areas that are the most efficient for Light collection.

The goal of these changes is to allow players to collect a typical number of candles each day more quickly, so they can spend more quality time with friends. Players will still be able to collect roughly the same maximum amount of candles as before, however the rate at which candles are forged will be slightly altered.

Please note that this feature, including the candle forge rate and amount of available wax, may be adjusted in the future in order to accommodate the changes that happen with a live game like Sky.

You can find our Developer Update on the Daily Light system here: http://bit.ly/DLDevUpdate