Greetings, adventurers!

This patch includes more events and new features to enjoy in the final weeks of Season of Assembly.

Shared Spaces

We’re introducing the beginnings of a new feature called Shared Spaces, available from May 31st (PDT) to players who have completed the sixth Season of Assembly quest. Explore a new way to come together with others and express yourself, while having some more fun with props. Shared spaces is still in active development, so we look forward to hearing your feedback!

Season of The Little Prince

Preorders for the upcoming Season of the Little Prince will be available beginning at 00:00 PDT (UTC-7) on June 21st.

Days of Rainbow

Days of Rainbow is back! This year’s event offers a number of new items available from the event spirit guide and from the in-game shop. Players can also take time to enjoy rainbows in each of the game’s levels. Days of Rainbow begins June 14th at 00:00 PDT and concludes on June 27th at 23:59 PDT (all times UTC -7)

  • Rainbow braid accessory: 20 hearts
  • Rainbow cape: 175 candles
  • Rainbow hat: $9.99 USD (regional pricing may vary depending on local taxes and exchange rates)
  • Rainbow flower (includes 75 candles): $19.99 USD (regional pricing may vary; 100% of net proceeds go to charity)

Other Updates

  • UI changes. The emote menu has been updated to make emotes, stances, calls, and spells easier to find. Tweaks have also been made to simplify reading sheet music and make instruments easier to play while using a controller. Please note that for the time being, players will not be able to move while holding an instrument. Further improvements and updates are planned!
    • [edited 5/27/21 17:00 PT] Added Musical Instruments toggle to Audio Settings
  • Updates to player experience in Eden
  • Improvements to new user experience, resulting in changes to Home and Isle of Dawn that more experienced players may notice
  • For devices shared by multiple players, such as family members, players can now choose their account when they log in with the new Sign In Method
  • Avatar now able to use emotes while sitting on seats where a Sky kid's legs dangle
  • Spirits now able to turn to look at Sky kids
  • Visual rendering updates. These may affect elements such as terrain, clouds, lighting, and shading
  • Updated STAR pin function for all Elder pins—coming in a future patch!
  • Added pink tier two heart cape to the Handstanding Thrillseeker’s friendship tree

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue causing players who are using the carry (piggyback) expression to become disconnected when transitioning to a new area or level
  • Fix to improve Prairie village bell cutscene skipping
  • Fixed bug causing players to fall from chat props when a new person enters an instance
  • Fixed pink appearance in Prairie temple cutscene
  • Improvements to music and sound effects
  • Fixed a bug that caused a stranger's chat bubble to not move with them
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to input names that were only blank characters
  • Fixed issue causing some players to not receive Light from the geyser event in Sanctuary Islands
  • Fixed issue causing navy cape from Season of Belonging to appear red
  • Clarification—some newer hairstyles appearing more shiny than others is not a bug
  • Crash fixes

Known Issues

  • Expression menu does not have recently used list; this will be address in a future patch update
  • During Days of Rainbow, the purchase confirmation screen for the Rainbow Hat will display duplicate text of “Rainbow Hat”

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!