[June 1]
The team has confirmed the following issue and is currently investigating.
  • Some features that affect game currency in the area after Eden are not working properly.

[May 27]
  • Due to a UI bug, a translation button appears when using in-game chat. When tapped, it causes the game to crash. The translation feature is still under development and not available in the Live version of Sky at this time.

  • Players who own rank 1 & 3 of an expression can use ranks 2 & 4 despite not having them unlocked.

We are aware of the following issues introduced in Patch 0.13.4:
  • Emote menu does not have recently used list; this will be addressed in a future patch update
  • During Days of Rainbow, the purchase confirmation screen for the Rainbow Hat will display duplicate text of “Rainbow Hat”
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience while we identify fixes for these issues and hope to have them addressed in a future update.