Greetings Adventurers!

A new season is arriving soon, and this update includes features for both new and experienced players to enjoy richer connections to the Sky kingdom and their fellow Sky children.

Sky has launched on Nintendo Switch!

We’re excited to welcome Switch players to the wondrous world of Sky! Rescue spirits to learn how to communicate using their expressions, forge candles to gain new abilities, unlock cosmetics to express yourself, and make friends with other players to bring your light into the darkness. If you’re a returning player and notice someone who may be new, why not reach out and lend them a hand?

NOTE: If you already play on iOS or Android and want to play on Switch, please FIRST link your Sky account to a Nintendo account on your mobile device BEFORE opening the game on Switch. You will not be able to transfer your progress if you open the game on Switch before linking your Sky account. To learn how to link your account, you can watch this video tutorial, or read more on our website:


Relive spirits’ memories throughout the land and return them to their realm’s temple to be rewarded with their unique expressions and see the items they offer you in their constellations.


Learn expressions from spirits and use them to communicate with others. Upgrade these expressions to unlock more creative and elaborate animations.

Friendship and Forging Candles

Make friends with players around the globe! Collect light to forge candles, offer them to upgrade your friendship to unlock special expressions to share between one another, and use them to send the gift of a heart to strengthen your connections with others.


Grow your friendship with the spirits you’ve encountered and offer them candles and hearts to be rewarded with items to enhance your appearance.

Explore the Skies

Collect scattered Winged Light throughout every Sky realm to increase your cape power and soar to greater heights! Dive into the clouds to instantly recharge your cape. Interacting with others will also restore your energy.

Daily Quests

Complete daily quests to receive up to four candles per day. Candles are used to upgrade friendships and abilities with spirits and other players.


Enjoy stunning graphics at your fingertips. Sky supports several graphics settings to suit your preferences whether you play in docked mode (TV mode) or handheld mode.

Seasons and Events

Celebrate new spirits and special occasions with other players! Adventure seasons bring unique spirits, expressions, and collectibles to reflect the world of Sky, and events offer an assortment of playful and colorful items to revel in the festive mood.

Traveling Spirits

Past adventure seasons do not repeat, but the spirits and their unique cosmetics will return for a limited duration in case you missed them during their initial debut.

Saving Your Progress

Your Nintendo account is automatically linked and saved to a Sky account when you first open the game. Information about your Sky account can be viewed under Settings → Account. This also shows your Sky ID. This is a unique ID which can be used to recover your account if it ever gets lost, so we encourage you to keep a screenshot of this. Please remember not to share it with others.

Again, if you already started Sky on a mobile device and want to continue your progress on Switch, please open Sky on a mobile device first and link it to a Nintendo account from there. Otherwise when you first open the game on a Switch, your Nintendo account will be linked to a brand new Sky ID, and your previous progress will not be saved to your Switch.

Starter Pack for Nintendo Switch

Players on the Nintendo Switch have the option to purchase a new Starter Pack to mark the occasion. This can only be purchased on the Switch. However, Switch players who also have their progress transferred to a mobile device can wear these items while playing on iOS or Android. The pack costs $29.99 (not including regional tax) and includes:
  • 2 themed capes
  • A hairstyle
  • A vessel flute
  • 75 candles
Please note: Candles purchased on Switch do not transfer to mobile devices. They must be used on the platform they were purchased on.
Pre-orders Available for Season of the Little Prince

We’ll soon be welcoming a royal visitor! Pre-order your adventure pass for the next season in the in-game shop and receive an extra bonus of 10 limited seasonal candles. This season is a special, one-time collaboration for players to experience the magic and heart of The Little Prince cast in the light of Sky.

Preorders are available until 23:59 PDT on Monday July 5th (UTC -7).

Season of the Little Prince

Our tenth season begins on Tuesday July 6th at midnight PDT! Guide the Prince through the realms of Sky and discover which connections are important. The new spirits introduced in this season will eventually return as traveling spirits, as usual, but the unique nature of a collaboration means that some other things will be different from a typical season experience.
  • Some themed items will be available outside of the seasonal spirit constellations. They will also be available for different durations of the season (prices for in-app purchase items vary depending on region):
    • Little Prince Scarf cape: $14.99 (Available until 7th seasonal quest begins)
    • Little Prince Fox decorative prop: $9.99 (Available until 7th seasonal quest begins)
    • Little Prince Asteroid jacket: $24.99 (Available after completing all seasonal quests)
    • Sword Outfit: 200 candles (Available after completing all seasonal quests)
  • Please note that these items are not planned to return through Traveling Spirits.

Past Seasonal Spirits

Past seasonal spirits will now exist in the world so that all players can enjoy more of the expressions and lore the game has to offer! They will be visible to players who have completed all realms in the game. Those who missed out on previous seasons can now obtain the first level of these seasonal spirits’ expressions. Please note: Additional expression levels and items from seasonal spirit trees can only be obtained through Traveling Spirits.

Coming Soon: Guide Feature

Offering help and teaming up is a fundamental element of Sky. In the weeks after this update, we will introduce a Guide feature to make it easier for newer players to ask for help—and for more experienced players to offer it.

Once this feature is enabled, a player who wants extra help to find a Spirit can tap a special button in their emote menu. Experienced players who are close by will then see icons showing the locations of Spirits that the newer player is unfamiliar with, and lead the newer player towards them. After completing a Spirit quest together, players will be informed of their success, and the Guide experience will come to an end. Players can then choose to repeat the process, socialize, or go their separate ways.

This is only the first iteration of this feature, and we aim to keep improving it based on player feedback. Be sure to visit our Discord server and share your thoughts in our feedback channel!
Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Fixed spacing for instrument keyboard layout
  • Improvements for songsheet UI
  • Enabled movement when playing instruments on touchscreens
  • Candles no longer display as being deducted twice when unlocking most interactions from friend trees
  • Relationship menu once again opens at the bottom of the relationship tree
  • Heart icon for message boats and shrines now displays properly
  • Fireworks staff can now throw the full 5-shot fireworks party
  • Star beacon properly displays to hint spirit location during spirit quests
  • Potential resolution for bugs causing Traveling Spirits to disappear a half hour before each daily reset for some users
  • Resolved issue causing emote levels to be usable before unlocking them
  • Fixed issue causing Dark Dragons to rapidly switch between search and lock-on modes
  • Dark Dragons that were silently locking on to and attacking players emit sound again
  • Resolved issue causing some sound effects to still play after sound effects were toggled off
  • Fixed issue causing a player teleporting to friend on the 2nd level of Vault to disconnect them from their friend and put them on the 1st level instead
  • Additional fixes to resolve issues relating to currency after Eye of Eden
  • UI improvements and polish
  • Crash fixes
  • General bug fixes and improvements
  • After the crisp air and excitement of the ice skating rink, the rock decided to explore the nearby forest. While wandering amidst the tall trees, they stumbled upon the remains of what appeared to be an old treehouse! Sky kids were running around everywhere, honking at each other and creating fun item arrangements to bring joy back to the long-neglected space. The rock found a comfy hammock and decided that maybe it was time to take a short nap...

Known Issues Patch 0.14.0

We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.14.0:
  • A player who is riding piggyback on a friend may sometimes fall off while the friend is flying, or when the friend uses certain emotes
  • Handholding may be disrupted when going through some level/area transitions
  • Players may be unseated from a chat prop when someone joins their instance
  • Player cannot observe swing or seesaw props moving when they are being used by others
  • In very limited cases, STAR pins may give an error when a player tries to link or unlink them; however this can usually be resolved by restarting the app
  • When a player appears in Home after completing Eye of Eden, they may appear as a shadow instead of fully lit
  • A Dark Dragon can sometimes attack from through the ground in the Wasteland Graveyard. Dark Dragons are evil but they should not violate the laws of physics. We will admonish this creature in a future update to ensure it does not resort to cheating to claim wing buffs from unsuspecting Sky children.

We apologize for any inconvenience these issues may cause and appreciate your patience while we identify fixes for them. We hope to have them addressed in a future update.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!