Candles purchased in Sky are restricted in usage to the platform they were purchased on (Mobile or Nintendo Switch). This ultimately means that your candle balance may change depending on what platform you are playing on especially if you play Sky on both Mobile & Nintendo Switch

Types of Candles
There are ultimately two types of normal candles that can be obtained.
  • Earned: Candles a player has gained through playing Sky or being gifted
    • Forging by collecting Light
    • Reward for Daily Quest
    • Seasonal Candles come with Gift Pass if you are sent by your friend
    • Reward for winning official events (e.g. weekly poll, screenshot challenge)
  • Purchased: Candles a player has gained through in-app-purchases on mobile or through the Nintendo Switch eShop.
    • Any Candles / Seasonal Candles purchased at in-game Shop
    • Seasonal Candles come with Adventure Pass for your own
    • Candles bundled with any IAP items (e.g Starter Pack)

Whenever you use candles in game, your purchased candle currency will always be used before your earned candles regardless of the platform. Examples are below:

Example 1: 15 purchased candles through IAP on their mobile store
  • Phone candle balance will show as 15
  • Switch candle balance will show as 0
Example 2: 15 candles purchased through eShop on their Switch. 50 candles earned through playing/candle runs
  • Phone candle balance will show as 50
  • Switch candle balance will show as 65
The restrictions outlined above apply to currencies only which include candles, seasonal candles as well as Gift Pass (see details below). Any non-currency content purchased with candles, hearts, or in-app purchases will be available across platforms.

Important :
  • You'll need to send a gift pass to your friends from the platform (Nintendo Switch or Mobile) it was originally purchased on. For more information about Adventure Passes and how these restrictions apply to them please reference the "What is Adventure Pass?" FAQ page
  • Candle packs or bundles that include candles cannot be gifted from mobile players to Nintendo Switch due to platform policy and how purchased candles work on different platforms. (However, players on Switch can gift those items to players on mobile as an exception, and the gifted candles work as purchased candles on mobile devices)

For information about any currency restrictions between Switch and PlayStation too, please kindly check the “How do candles work between PlayStation and other platforms?” FAQ page.