Players are able to use multiple Sky accounts on the same Nintendo Switch. This way multiple friends and family members can use the same Nintendo Switch to play Sky!

Note: Each player will need to have their own Nintendo ID and Nintendo Profile on the Nintendo Switch in order to use their own individual Sky account.

Follow these steps to switch Sky accounts on Nintendo Switch:
  1. Close out of any existing games running on the Nintendo Switch
  2. Proceed to the HOME menu
  3. In the top left select the Nintendo Switch profile that you want to launch Sky
  4. Launch Sky and it will automatically sign in with the Nintendo Account connected to the Nintendo Switch profile.
    • If the player’s profile has not linked their Nintendo Account to Sky they will be offered to make a new Sky account
      • If it’s their first time playing Sky please proceed to create a new account and enjoy the world of Sky!
      • If the player has an existing account please close out of Sky on Switch and follow the Account Linking Process
If you still run into issues with changing players on Nintendo Switch for Sky please contact Player Support.