For Mobile Players, the Starter Pack contains an Orange cape and 20 candles.

For Switch Players, the Starter Pack contains two themed capes (red and blue), an elvish hairstyle, a vessel flute, and 75 Candles.
Mobile Starter Pack Nintendo Switch Starter Pack
(*prices might vary)

For PlayStation, both the Starter pack and the exclusive Journey Pack are available, which contains a cape, hairstyle, and mask inspired by Journey. 

 Each pack must be purchased from its respective platform. Once your Sky user ID is linked with the appropriate Game Services for each platform, the Starter packs may be purchased from each platform’s official store in the qualifying supported regions. The mobile Starter Pack may be purchased from the in-game IAP Shop via the iOS App Store, Google Play Store, or Huawei GalleryApp.

Note: Outfit items purchased on one platform may be equipped from either platform, however, purchased currencies (such as Candles, Seasonal Candles, and Gift Passes) do not transfer between mobile and Switch or from PlayStation and Switch.

 For more information on currencies between platforms please refer to the “How do candles work between mobile and Nintendo Switch for Sky?” FAQ and “How do candles work between PlayStation and other platforms?” FAQ.