Please note players will need to complete the core story loop by finishing the Eye of Eden realm in order to access this feature.

In order for newer players to have an opportunity to express themselves with the same variety as more experienced players, they are now able to catch up. Past Seasonal Spirits are a reintroduction of Spirits from Seasons that have come and gone, offering the base expression for any who relive their memories. In order to upgrade your friendship with the Seasonal Spirits and unlock upgrades to expressions or outfit items the spirits offer from their respective Season, player must wait for the Spirit to appear as a Traveling Spirit. Seasonal Spirits visit through this manner every two weeks.

We hope that reintroducing these spirits will breathe life into newer areas that introduced these Spirits during their respective seasons and allow for newer players to catch up without waiting an indeterminate time for a spirit to appear as a Traveling Spirit.

Note: For more information on Traveling Spirits please refer to our FAQ page