The guide feature is a way for players who may need a little guidance to signal for help from more knowledgeable players to obtain new Expressions by reliving Spirits’ memories.

If an area has an expression a player has not yet collected, it will be shown in the Expression Menu. In the same menu, players can select the “?” button which will present the prompt to "Request a guide player to help you find spirits?" If accepted, a more seasoned player will be able to hold hands—without becoming friends—with the player seeking assistance in order to guide them to the missing spirit memory. After they’ve successfully relived the Spirit’s memories, both players will receive the message, “You have found a spirit together!” and are welcome to become friends or go their separate ways.

Players who are eligible to guide another player will see a “?” which, when tapped, will prompt, "This player needs help collecting spirits. Will you guide them?" The guide will be able to see silhouettes of the expressions the player is missing. Players who have access to Past Seasonal Spirits will be able to guide players to spirits they would not otherwise have access to.

Players who have collected every expression in the area cannot use this feature, receiving the message, “There’s nothing a guide can help you with here.”