Greetings Adventurers!

Season of the Little Prince
We’re halfway through the season, and players will soon be able to experience the last three seasonal quests in the story. Players can purchase the Fox prop and the Little Prince Scarf Cape from the in-game shop until the 7th seasonal quest begins on August 30 PDT (UTC -7).

After the 7th, final quest becomes available, players who complete all seasonal quests have the option of purchasing two new cosmetics: the Little Prince Asteroid Jacket cape and the Sword Suit. While wearing the Asteroid Jacket cape players can teleport to a special seasonal area and can bring friends with them while holding hands.
  • Little Prince Asteroid Jacket: $24.99
  • Prince Sword Suit: 200 candles (available from The Rose quest giver)
These items will be available until the season concludes on Sunday September 19 at 11:59pm PDT (UTC -7).

Days of Summer: August 12 through 25th
Relax and enjoy the lazy days of summer! From 00:00am August 12 through 11:59pm August 25th PDT (UTC -7), players will have an opportunity to gather Light in new ways and enjoy a variety of themed cosmetics and items to add some summer flair to their Sky kids and Shared Spaces.

Home will set the scene with a beach to relax with friends. Add some Light to your candle meter by finding seashells, and a cozy bonfire provides a set amount of Light as well for players who gather around it. An event spirit will also pay a visit and offer these items in its Spirit Friendship Tree:
  • Summer Hat: 44 Candles
  • Double Deck Chairs: 16 Hearts
These items will also be added to the in-game shop:
  • Summer Umbrella: $19.99 (USD) (includes 35 seasonal candles)
  • Summer Shell Hair Pin: $0.99 (USD)
Beach Ball spells can also be obtained from the spell shop every day after the event begins for 5 candles each, and will remain available through October 3. The spell shop is also where players can find free spells to try out the umbrella and hair pin.

After the Days of Summer ends, the event spirit will leave and the bonfire will be banked to wait for another event coming later in September—Days of Summer Lights!

Days of Summer Lights: September 20 through October 3
Gather with friends to share memories of summer days past and future with the return of the Days of Summer Lights event. The bonfire in Home will be lit again to emit more Light to collect, and message boat spells will be transformed into the shape of lotuses for the duration of the event. The Summer Lantern will be available for purchase, as well as a new hair accessory to add a bit of playfulness to the celebration:
  • Days of Summer Lights Lantern: $19.99 (includes 35 regular candles)
  • Summer Lights Accessory: $2.99
This event starts at 00:00am on September 20 and ends at 11:59pm on October 3 PDT (UTC -7).

Preorders Begin for the Next Season
Season of the Little Prince is still in full swing, but preorders for the next season’s Adventure Pass will begin at midnight (00:00 PDT) on Tuesday September 21. Preorders include 20 seasonal candles plus 10 bonus seasonal candles for those who purchase them. Seasons can be fully experienced without a pass, but pass holders have the option to receive extra season candles and additional rewards. (Pendants from preorders will initially appear with the symbol from the previous season, but will automatically change to the symbol for the upcoming season once it begins.)

Traveling Spirits Update
As you may have read in one of our previous blog posts, we’ve been working on ways to offer new props for Sky children to use throughout the game and in their Shared Spaces. Beginning from this patch, Traveling Spirits will now introduce props in their spirit trees. Each spirit will include one prop among the other collectibles players can unlock. We hope that this gradual introduction of new items to use will give folks something to look forward to even if Traveling Spirits no longer have anything new to offer a player who has already unlocked everything in their trees.

More Locations for Shared Spaces
Starting in this patch, players can create additional unique designs in two new Shared Spaces, one in the Butterfly Fields of Daylight Prairie and another in the secret area accessible from Vault.

iOS Users: Be Sure to Update to iOS 12
Starting from this patch, the minimum iOS for players on iPhone or iPad is iOS 12. Older Apple devices that can play Sky, including iPhone 5s, can run on iOS 12, so there is no change to devices that are compatible with Sky.

Improvements and Bug Fixes
  • Players can now replay the final cutscenes in the seasonal Quest Giver Friendship Tree
  • Fixes for an error that appeared on Switch when a player typed 140 characters in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, or Russian
  • Updated daily quests to specify the levels spirits to relive are located in
  • Fixed idle animations like stretch interrupting during a cutscene or while using emotes
  • Tweaked star spacing on Prophet of Earth cape from the Season of Prophecy (spacing on other capes is intentional)
  • Updates to Guide feature and its hint messaging
  • Handhold no longer breaks if the leader moves while following player uses an emote
  • Restored camera control at message shrines after viewing another player's note
  • Made icon to display text for message candles and boats easier to select
  • Updates for the instrument keyboard and music sheets
  • Improvements and polish for emote, closet, and other menus
  • Added volume slider bars to audio options
  • Candle count now displays while viewing menus for seasonal Quest Givers
  • All Spirit Friendship Trees now open from the bottom of the tree
  • Added ability to roll and flip when using a controller
  • Improvements for controllers used with Android devices
  • Improved mobility for certain areas of Eye of Eden
  • The Unjumpable Gap along the path in Eye of Eden is no longer unjumpable
  • Players using piggyback no longer disconnect when the carrier switches to glide mode, and can build piggyback towers again
  • Improved piggyback dismounting animation
  • The Season of Prophecy guide has been given no slip shoes so that they no longer fall out of frame after playing their drum when players complete a trial
  • Increased avatar cuteness by ensuring a Sky kid lying down in a hammock will remain lying down when going into AFK mode instead of sitting up
  • Prop spells can now be used without automatically replacing carried props that a player has already set (note: players can still place only one spell prop at a time)
  • Fixed chat from other props showing while using props that shouldn't have chat
  • Cooldown for props placed from the emote menu adjusted to 10 seconds (cooldown in Shared Spaces is unchanged)
  • Visual improvements to props in Shared Spaces for more consistent color
  • Player no longer appears to be wearing a prop they have placed. However, for now the prop’s shadow still appears on the player's cape
  • Emotes that emit particles should emit them more consistently
  • Fixed a bug causing errors when players on mobile tried to accept a QR invite from a player on Switch
  • Deleted QR invites can no longer be accepted
  • Fixed a bug preventing a player from sending a QR invite to someone after previously declining that person’s QR invite
  • Fixes for an error caused when sending an existing Sky friend a Nintendo Friend invite
  • You and I STAR pin can be unlinked in the same session it was linked
  • When two players use linked Soulmate STAR pins, the heart particle effect now displays properly
  • Crab STAR pin now reliably flips crabs
  • The Dark Dragon that was illegally attacking Sky Kids by coming through the ground in the Wasteland Graveyard was thoroughly scolded. They promise they have learned their lesson and won't do that any more.
  • Though the Dark Dragons are not the brightest creatures in Sky, it was inevitable that they honed their skills to work in spite of menu tricks. These can no longer be used to prevent taking damage from Dark Dragons
  • Various crash fixes, including crashes when hit by a krill while using the fireworks prop
  • Fixed crash when changing levels while holding crabs. But try as you might you still can't kidnap them to other levels
  • The "empty receipt" error message no longer displays on login for Switch users
  • Additional seasonal polish
  • Translation improvements
As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!

Known Issues Patch 0.14.5

We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.14.5:

  • Some players may experience crashes near the geyser in Sanctuary
  • Meditation shrines and other objects may not render appropriate textures
  • Player names may be stuck on screen after closing out friendship constellations
  • PS4 controllers currently do not work with Android 11 devices. We do not recommend using this configuration until they learn to get along again
  • The Summer Lantern button can overlap with friendship menu confirmation boxes when trying to use the lantern and make friends at the same time
  • Certain sources of Light that have a limit to how much Light that can be collected from them, such as the geyser in Sanctuary, may show particles that a player appears unable to pick up. This happens after a player has collected the amount available for the day, and players who are affected by this bug do receive the full amount of Light possible from these sources
  • Android devices using certain Mali and Adreno GPUs may load a black screen when trying to start the game.
  • Certain Android architectures experience crashes when loading the game. This affects primarily Xiaomi devices, and to a lesser extent Redmi and Huawei devices as well.
  • Players are pushed into the air when using friendship emotes while on the gondola in the Dreams Village
  • Pendants from preorders for the next season will initially appear with the symbol from the Season of the Little Prince. However, these will automatically change to the symbol for the upcoming season once it begins.

As always, thank you for your help in reporting bugs through our Discord channels, and we greatly appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to find solutions for these issues as quickly as we can! 


Not a bug:

  • If a group leader shouts at crabs and flips them over for a quest, the other players holding hands in the group do not automatically receive quest credit without also shouting and flipping crabs over. This is currently working as intended. The forces of darkness demand that you shout at them to complete a quest.