Greetings, Sky Family.

We recently provided compensation to a number of Android players for issues introduced in our 14.5 update. Since doing so, it’s become clear to us that we did not provide enough context as to what specifically we were compensating for, nor did we accomplish our goal of compensating all affected players. This is something that we’re committed to getting right.

Prior to the 14.5 update, a percentage of players on Android devices would sometimes experience crashes that would take them out of the game and require them to log back in. While not the experience we want players to have, these crashes did not prevent players from playing the game.

14.5 introduced two new issues that prevented Android players on some devices from playing the game in any meaningful way:

  • The black screen issue caused by Adreno graphic cards caused players to see a black screen and game UI upon logging in, and nothing else. While there were ways around it, such as holding hands with another player to get around the world blind, this issue largely prevented players from playing the game

  • The Android crashes introduced in 14.5 specifically caused players on some devices to crash while in Sanctuary Isle, the Trial of Water, as well as parts of Hidden Forest, Valley of Triumph, Golden Wasteland, Vault of Knowledge, and Storm’s End. While players could do some things, such as experience Days of Summer in the Home Space, it mostly prevented players from going out into the world, making it difficult, if not impossible in some cases to complete daily quests and full candle runs

What we are specifically looking to compensate for in this case is issues that caused players to be unable to make progress in the season. The compensation totals we arrived at were calculated based on seasonal candles players missed out on, up to a maximum of six per day, and regular candles, up to an average of 12 per day with an understanding that players could still forge up to ten per day through Days of Summer activities. 

We apologize for any confusion and are working hard to ensure that all affected players are fairly compensated. If you were affected by the above issues and have not received compensation, please fill out this survey and we’ll investigate what went wrong. Thank you as always for your patience and understanding as we resolve this situation.