[Update September 23rd 11:00am]
If you are impacted by the Adventure Pass multi purchase issue please follow these steps:

1.Confirm what platform you purchased the Adventure Pass from
2. Contact your respective platform to inquire about a refund
3. If the platform is unable to grant a refund please contact our Customer Support Team and we will further assist you.

We appreciate your patience.

Update [September 21st 2:30PM]

  • Players can now pre-order Adventure Passes only one time
  • Players are now able to gift Adventure Passes to friends. If you already purchased an Adventure pass for a friend we will be swapping out the bugged pass with the correct passes in the next few days.
We are aware of the following issues and are currently investigating:
  • Players are able to purchase own pass including gift pack multiple times
  • Unable to gift to friends a pass
  • Pendant icon is not added to closet
  • Pre-order art is the old version
Thank you for your patience during this time.