Greetings Adventurers!

This update brings our latest season, an event to delight the trickiest tricksters, improvements to instruments, and more!

Season of Flight
Distant clouds beckon, and the skies are calling. Starting on October 4th, the Season of Flight brings five new quests and cosmetics worthy of a traveler in the clouds. Join a band of four spirits to experience what they learned together, and discover new paths in the wind. The items they offer this season include capes, outfits, accessories, and a new call and instrument.

The full season can be enjoyed by all players for free! Adventure Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock all seasonal cosmetics, including two ultimate gifts. Preorders for Adventure Passes are underway and continue until 23:59 PDT October 3.

Days of Mischief
Put on your favorite costume and prepare your best tricks and surprises! An eerie new room has been added to the secret area accessible from Vault of Knowledge, open to all players for the three weeks of this event: from 00:00 October 18 (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7) through 23:59 November 7 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8). Gather with friends around a bubbling cauldron to collect a certain amount of Light each day—and the random spells it emits that temporarily transform Sky kids into mischievous figures of mayhem. (Players must have progressed to at least Vault to access this event.)

NOTE: Days of Mischief ends after the U.S. reverts to Standard Time. Reset will be one hour later if your region does not participate in this time change. We encourage folks to check what time the event will end in their own time zones.

A variety of new items are also available during this event.
From the Spell Shop:
  • Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in Days of Mischief area)
  • Dark Dragon Repellant Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the Days of Mischief area)
  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat can be worn with any hair style!
From one of the event Spirits in the Days of Mischief area:
  • Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles
  • Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles
  • Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts
From the in-game Shop:
  • Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99 (all prices USD)
  • Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99
  • Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99
  • Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99
In addition, Days of Mischief cosmetics from previous years will also be available for players who wish to purchase them. Find two spirits waiting off the beaten path of the new spooky area and speak with them to get access:
  • Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (comes with 12 candles)
  • Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (comes with 8 candles)
    • Note: The Spooky Bat Cape and Hungry Pumpkin Hat can also be purchased as a bundle in the Mischief Catch Up Pack: $29.99 (comes with 20 candles)
  • Mischief Web Cape: $14.99
  • Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99 (This item differs from Witch Hat Accessory Spell and is categorized as a “hair style,” so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles)

Spells for players to try on all IAP cosmetics for free can be found by speaking to one of the Mischief Spirits. Additional Crab Rock Trick, Krill Repellant, and Witch Hat accessory spells are available from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat.

Instrument Updates
We hope this patch is music to Sky kids’ ears! We’re excited to bring numerous updates for instruments, from fixes that bring back previous features to new features to improve your experience while using sheet music and playing with friends. For instance, in the Controls menu under Settings, you can now choose whether to see other players’ notes when in free play mode or in joined sheet music sessions. These are on by default, and those notes are displayed in purple.

The instrument sound toggle in the settings menu can now also be boosted to over 100% (that is, louder than the music or sound effects). This region of the toggle is orange. NOTE: Boosting instruments to over 100% may result in distortion; if this happens, reducing the volume to 100% or lower will resolve it. For more details on changes to instruments, please refer to the list of bug fixes below. We look forward to bringing more improvements in future updates, so we welcome your feedback!

Daily Quests Move to Return Shrine Statue
To make the list of Daily Quests easier to access, this update has moved this list from the Seasonal Spirit in Home to the Return Shrine statue. To view the Daily Quests, simply tap on the icon that appears over the statue. The first time each day the list is displayed, it will also highlight the level where those quests can be completed. The statue takes the place of the daily Quest Giver Spirit who appeared in between seasons. As for the Seasonal Quest Giver Spirit, don’t worry! They will still appear in Home during their season, and their Spirit Trees will continue to display information related to seasonal quests and Ultimate Gifts.

Controller Updates
A button legend overlay has been added for Switch controls. Certain buttons have been updated for all controllers as well, including:
  • Single step: R button
  • Display controller map overlay: ZL

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:
  • Layout preferences for instrument keyboard now save when reopening the game
  • Gamepad icons no longer show on the instrument keyboard when not using the gamepad
  • Added a hint for how to open music sheets if none have been opened before
  • Corrected labels for controller buttons when viewing button map
  • Fixed a bug preventing interactions while menus were open
  • The Nintendo Friends list refreshes and shows all of the most recent friends who have played Sky

  • Fixed a bug causing some notes to not play when keyboard was tapped rapidly
  • Reduced audio lag after playing notes
  • Fixed issue some notes not playing when multiple keys are tapped
  • Tapping on another player while the instrument keyboard is open no longer opens the Friendship Tree
  • Hint button to join a music sheet someone else has started displays more reliably
  • While playing a non-stationary instrument (e.g. flute), tapping the keyboard no longer causes an avatar to jump
  • Improvements for guitar sound
  • For Sky kids who like to put their guitars on Eleven, instrument volume toggle can be increased beyond 100% (if sound becomes distorted, reducing volume to 100% or less will resolve it)
  • Added “Instruments” option to the controls menu to toggle whether to see notes played by others (in purple) in free play and joined sheet music modes.
  • Polish to keyboard UI and instrument animation
  • Music sheet menu is scrollable
  • Instruments such as piano are no longer invisible when playing if equipped after placing a chat table. However, please do not let this dampen your enthusiasm for playing air piano in real life.

General Fixes and Improvements:
  • Players leading others by the hand can now see the emotes of their group members
  • Sky kids can once again spam emotes with sustained poses, such as shiver, handstand or faint
  • Players no longer fall through the floating floor in Vault when teleporting home or using certain emotes
  • Light from large emitted objects (e.g. geyser) follows players from the same distance as Light from candles and burned Dark Plants
  • Pollution from Sanctuary Geyser erupts correctly
  • Players can now teleport to friends who are above the 8-person elevator in Daylight Prairie
  • Slightly increased the size of saplings to make them easier to find for Daily Quests
  • Fixed a bug that allowed a friend to warp to a player who was in their own Shared Space
  • Collision enabled for props placed down by others if the props were placed by a friend, OR if the props have seats and the player sits on them
  • Fix for issue causing race doors to appear to stay closed and without meditation circles for players who join the room after another person already initiated the sequence to open them
  • Resolutions for crash fixes and bugs blocking progress in various parts of Eye of Eden
  • A player teleporting to friends who are visiting with Oreo will now also be able to see Oreo to tell him what a good boy he is
  • Added haptics for damage and some attacks on devices with haptics enabled. Haptics added for landings on Switch.
  • Updates to Constellation Stone in Home, with space added between the two different Constellation icons to make them easier to select
  • Improvements for using Shared Spaces
  • Fixed a bug that allowed Light to still be collected despite long periods of inactivity, which prevented full implementation of the AFK timer
  • Emote Spirits that are also visiting as Traveling Spirits once again display the proper lens flare
  • Placeable props from others (such as tables) are hidden when a player is in a cutscene
  • Tea set animation fixes
  • Friend's avatar does not remain in handhold offer pose after taking a player's hand
  • When a player is leading someone by the hand and spins when calling or leaps when moving forward, the person holding their hand no longer appears to leap or spin a second time
  • Fixes for flickering terrain for Sanctuary cave area and floating islands, as well as a Dreams gondola station
  • Avatars have agreed to practice playground safety and face forward while using the seesaw and swing set
  • Swing and seesaw animate properly when being used by other players
  • Movements and menu input from players using dance or sparkler emotes can now be seen by others
  • Smoother entrance for players being led from Citadel to skating rink area in Valley of Triumph
  • Messages from boats and candles close more quickly after exiting
  • Fixed an issue causing message boat/candle UI to not display while reading them
  • Props are now grouped together in the closet menu
  • Added space between player name and text box display
  • Red dot no longer remains after accepting a friend invite
  • Fixed an issue causing some Season of the Little Prince credits to be outside of the screen in Japanese and Russian
  • Survey window will no longer close if the survey language is set to Korean or Japanese
  • UI polish and improvements
  • Performance optimizations for Golden Wasteland and Eye of Eden
  • Various other crash fixes
  • While napping in the hammock, the rock had a fanciful dream: They explored under the night sky with a brave child and a fox friend, talked to the stars, and played in a garden maze. Waking up and feeling full of inspiration, it was time to set off on a new adventure! But this time, the rock thought they might take more time to stop and appreciate the sunsets along the way.

Please refer to the Known Issues post for 0.15.0 for details about bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of this update.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server: