[Update October 4th]

We are currently aware that some players’ color trail spells are no longer in their inventory after updating to 0.15.0. We appreciate your patience while we work to resolved the issue.

[Update October 1st]

We are aware that Seasonal Candle clusters have prematurely appeared in the Daily Realm for October 1st, allowing for players to collect Seasonal Light and forge one extra Seasonal Candle before the upcoming Season of Flight begins. This bug will be resolved with the Daily Reset for October 2nd. Players may keep any Seasonal Light collected as a result of this bug.

[Update September 29th]

We are currently aware the following issues:
  • A spirited associated with the upcoming Season of Mischief event is appearing prematurely in Home space
  • Hand holding is breaking at area transitions

We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.15.0:

  • Button labels shown on the controller map use the button configuration for Switch.
  • Message boats may not be placed for some players after the spell is used and subtracted from their inventory.
  • The spooky, swirling vortex that is the portal from Vault’s secret area to the Days of Mischief location appears to have found a way to remain on this plane of existence even after the event ends. However, once Days of Mischief concludes, the portal will be closed to us mere mortals, and the vortex will only be able to loom ominously and harmlessly until a future update sends it back to the dimension from whence it came.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience these may cause while we work to resolve them in a future update.