Due to ongoing fluctuations of currency exchange rates, local taxes, and law ordinances, as well as hosting platforms' individual rules and policies, there can be some inconsistencies in the pricing tiers of IAP (in-game purchases) which may vary by platform (iOS, Android, Switch, Huawei, PlayStation) and local regions. We are constantly working to keep our pricing consistent across all platforms and regions and we appreciate your understanding as slight changes may take effect.

In addition to that, the pricing may not be the same depending on the location you purchase from and due to currency exchange rate differences and tax on the platforms (iOS, Android, Switch, Huawei, PlayStation). You can find more information about Google’s and Apple’s policy regarding the exchange rate on the link below:

Google Exchange Rate Policy:

Apple Exchange Rate Policy:

We’re looking into how these policy changes may or may not affect other platforms and regions. We’re also considering everyone’s feedback as we thoughtfully approach this for our community. Thank you for your patience and understanding while we adapt to these policy changes.