Gifting is a feature that allows players to purchase and gift in-app purchase (IAP) items for their friends. All IAP items can be gifted while they are available for purchase in the in-game shop or other menus (e.g. event Spirit’s menu)

In order to give a gift IAP items to a friend, all of the following criteria must be met:
  • Be friends with the recipient for at least 3 days
  • Be in-person with the recipient to access their Friendship Tree in-game
  • Unlock the second friendship tier (requires one Ascended Candle to unlock)
  • The recipient has to accept your offer before you make any purchase
  • In-app purchasing is enabled on your device
Follow these steps to gift IAP items to friends:
  1. Meet your friend directly in-game
  2. Open their friendship menu, and scroll up to the second friendship tier
  3. Select the Gifting icon which is located next to the fist bump interaction, and open the list of items
  4. Select the item you want to purchase and gift for the friend
  5. A confirmation message will appear to verify whether you wish to buy the item for the friend
  6. Confirm and wait for your friend to accept your offer
  7. Proceed with the purchase verification process your device requires
Important: There might be times when you cannot gift IAPs to a friend, if :
  • Your friend declined your offer
    • Gifting feature is entirely opt-in, and your friend can choose whether to accept or decline your offer.
  • You try to gift candles packs  from mobile to your Switch friend
    • Candle packs or bundles that include candles cannot be gifted from mobile players to Nintendo Switch due to platform policy and how purchased candles work on different platforms. (However, players on Switch can gift those items to players on mobile as an exception, and the gifted candles work as purchased candles on mobile devices)
  • You try to gift candle packs from PlayStation to your Switch friend
    • Due to platform limitations, Candle packs or bundles that include candles cannot be gifted from PlayStation players to Nintendo Switch. (However, the reverse is possible as players on Switch can gift those items to players on PlayStation)
    • Learn more: How do candles work between PlayStation and other platforms?
Important: Mobile and PlayStation players can gift each other with no restrictions 
Also, please note that it's possible in rare instances to gift a recipient an item they may already own due to a thatgamecompany reward (eg: screenshot challenge, community contest, etc). We highly recommend to please confirm with your friend that they do not have the intended item prior to gifting.