In patch 0.15.5, we introduced new measures to prevent heart and candle gifting exploitation. These and other measures added in prior updates are part of our ongoing effort to ensure fairness and disincentivize hackers, and individuals selling hearts.

When we make these types of additions, we’re sometimes unable to broadly message what they are or how they work, as doing so can reduce their effectiveness in supporting the integrity of Sky. We’re looking over player feedback and continuing to iterate on the measures introduced in 0.15.5, with the continued goal of dissuading illicit activities without affecting the larger playerbase.

If you’re having difficulties gifting hearts to friends, the best way to solve this is to spend time playing together in the same server. You should find that, after a time, you’re able to gift hearts to that friend without being restricted again in the future. This change won’t affect existing friends as long as you’ve spent a short amount of time interacting with each other in the past.