Greetings Adventurers! Follow a crew of savvy scavengers to adventures in the deep with Season of Abyss, and learn a new ability to explore underwater. Closer to Home, two new events give players the opportunity to reconnect with friendly faces new and old as festive guests arrive to join the celebration!

Season of Abyss
Starting on January 17th (all times PST, UTC-8), discover the mysteries and surprises that await in the sapphire depths of Season of Abyss! Meet the Abyss Guide and a crew of four Spirits who braved rugged seas in search of treasures—or venture beyond the shallows for secrets that lurk far below. Relive their memories and complete quests to unlock new capes, masks, outfits, and other useful items.

As always, the full season can be enjoyed by all players for free! Adventure Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock all seasonal cosmetics, including three ultimate gifts.

A new feature also arrives with this Season—players can gain the ability to dive and use this ability to explore underwater and complete five Seasonal Quests. To teach your avatar how to dive, enter the new area of Golden Wasteland created for Season of Abyss and find the location to meditate and learn this ability. To dive once you’re in water, select the dive toggle, adjust your camera angle to aim in the direction you want to go, then tap to propel yourself forward.

Swimming underwater doesn’t use cape energy, but it does use breath, so keep an eye on the breath meter and sources of air. The function works a little differently from flight controls, but with a little practice, your Sky kid will soon be swimming smoothly alongside creatures and friends alike!

Days of Fortune
A festive spectacle returns to fill the sky with colors! From 00:00 am January 24th through 23:59 pm February 6, guests (who players may recognize!) arrive in Home to reconnect and celebrate this year’s Days of Fortune. A brightly lit pier will be added to the snow and ice of Home, where an Auspicious Visitor will gather with their companions arriving over the first week of the event to join in reunion. During the second week, a fireworks show provides a brilliant backdrop for dance parties and games with friends. Throughout the festivities, a felicitous figure will periodically appear in Home to drop gifts for players to ignite that emit up to a certain amount of Light to collect each day, and message boats will be temporarily transformed into lanterns.

(Note: A known issue for this update will cause Light to be emitted from the fireworks show that can be “collected” but won’t fill candle meters. To offset this bug, and ensure the full amount of Light intended for the event will be available to players, the felicitous figure that will appear periodically in Home will provide an amount of Light equivalent to the combined total of Light originally planned from both sources.)

A special gifting node shaped like an envelope will also appear in the Friendship Trees of friends with whom a player has the “piggyback” interaction unlocked. This node allows a player to offer a gift of 5 Hearts for 14 Candles. This gift option can only be given in-person, and up to once per day per friend. The cooldown is separate from normal Heart gifting, so that while this special gifting feature is available, players can send a maximum of 6 Hearts per day per friend.

Days of Fortune is open to all who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Please bear in mind that although the Auspicious Visitor and their friends first arrived in Sky during the Season of Gratitude, they are not Traveling Spirits during this event, so as guests for Days of Fortune they will not bring cosmetics and expressions to unlock from a previous Season.

A variety of new cosmetics will also be available during Days of Fortune.
The Auspicious Visitor event Spirit on the pier in Home offers a new mask:
  • Days of Fortune Tiger Mask: 58 Candles

These decorative items will appear in the in-game shop:
  • Days of Fortune Fish Accessory: $1.99
  • Days of Fortune Fish Pack: $19.99 (includes a cape and hood that functions as a hairstyle)

And finally, a box on the pier will also offer free fireworks and message lantern spells for the occasion, while the snow-themed Ball Spell can be found in the Secret Area (2 Candles for five spells).

Outside of Home, the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge will be open for everyone to enjoy its wintery rink. Those who wish to focus on Days of Fortune items from last year can talk to the Event Staff there who will offer those items in their Friendship Trees:
  • Days of Fortune Bull Mask (54 Candles), Days of Fortune Lion Headdress (66 Candles)
  • Days of Fortune Orange ($0.99), Days of Fortune Wool Hat ($9.99), Days of Fortune Pack ($24.99, includes Fortune Cape, Blushing Mask, and Bun Hair)

As always, trial spells give players the chance to try event cosmetics and IAP for free. Visit the Sleepy Traveling Merchant for trial spells of 2022 items, and the Event Staff in the Secret Area have a box with free spells to try items from previous years!

Days of Love
Days of Love follows up for players to appreciate friends new and old. From 00:00 am February 7 through 23:59 pm February 20 (PST, UTC-8) Home changes over to bright hues of pink, message boats temporarily take a new graceful shape to mark the occasion, and the pier is redecorated with floral accents. The Auspicious Visitor will extend their stay as the event Spirit during these additional two weeks, too, as soft, cheerful Light drops up to a certain amount of Social Light for players to gather each day. Head over to the pier to say hello, and to check out spells for the event from the boat-shaped box next to the Auspicious Visitor!

Players can check back in with the Auspicious Visitor to find a new hair accessory:
  • Days of Love Flower Crown Hair Accessory: 15 Hearts

From the in-game shop, a new item allows a player and their friend to chat while drifting gently across the water:
  • Days of Love Gondola Pack: $19.99 (includes 35 Seasonal Candles)

Meanwhile, an assortment of spells round out the items available for Days of Love. Find these spells in Home on the decorated pier, at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat, or in the Secret Area:
  • Days of Love Gondola Spell: 2 Hearts (this is available in addition to the free IAP trial spell)
  • Days of Love Message Crane Spell: Free (or 6 Candles for three spells from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat)
  • Ball Spell: 2 Candles for five spells in the Secret Area

For other items, such as those from previous years, players can see what’s available to choose from by heading over to  the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge and chat with the Event Staff:
  • Days of Love Mask (15 Hearts)
  • Days of Love Swing Pack ($19.99, includes 35 Seasonal Candles), Days of Love Seesaw Pack ($19.99, includes 35 Seasonal Candles)

As in other events, trial spells of all items available for purchase and in-game currency are available for free in Home and the Secret Area.

Translation Feedback Surveys
As we aim to make Sky a welcoming place for all players, we want to be sure that feeling translates across languages. In this update, some players who play in languages other than English may be given the option to fill out a brief survey asking about their perceptions of the translations used in the game. We thank you for your feedback—whether through a survey or through our community channels—as we focus on this aspect of the Sky experience and look for ways to improve it!

Bug Fixes and Other Improvements in this update include:

  • [Switch] Fixed spell placeables not showing up prop...erly for players who spawn into the level after they have been placed. Players who have been holding on to a placeable spell to surprise a friend can now place them to delight their companions who teleport in to the party!
  • [Switch] Resolved known issue: Certain combinations of masks and hairstyles no longer clip when worn by tall avatars.
  • Resolved known issue: Reduced size of eyes with chibi mask to be closer to its original appearance.
  • Resolved known issue: Fixed unintentional shortening of cape length on tall avatars.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the daily quest to visit a Spirit to be completed by standing near that Spirit's marker in a social space. The Spirits will be much happier now that they can share the scenery of their level with players.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed NPCs to be pushed up in the air by placing props underneath them, since this bug was unfortunately being exploited to grief other players.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Prophet of Earth Traveling Spirit to initially offer a placeable item that was not intended to be included in its tree. For players who unlocked this item during its previous visit, the 0.16.0 update will automatically correct it to the Earth Element mural icon from the Season of Prophecy.
  • The openings that lead underneath the Valley of Triumph skating rink now have a thin layer of fragile ice that players can break through, so that players no longer seem to be underwater when going beneath the rink.
  • Button sizes for music sheets now use dynamic sizing to more clearly highlight upcoming notes.
  • In-game events are now open to players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest.
  • In-world hint icons have been given higher priority over chat boxes to make them easier to select.
  • Fixed the “close” button having lower priority than tab buttons in emotes menu.
  • Hearing aids are now compatible with game audio via Bluetooth. Note that there may be audio lag that varies depending on the buffer size used by the individual device itself.
  • Fixed the quest to rescue a manta in Forest so that players who join in still receive credit.
  • If a player tries to start a Season Quest while they have a different quest in progress, a hint message now displays to explain that the quest in progress must be completed before a new one can be started.
    • Not a bug: Once a Season Quest has been started, Spirit memories are not available to relive until the initial quest is completed or canceled.
  • Fine-tuned hair on tall avatars to be more consistent with historical appearance.
  • Fixed an issue causing the witch hat spell to not work for friends in piggyback.
  • Fixed a bug that caused both avatars to play the spell animation if one player activated a spell while holding hands with someone else.
  • Backpacks used for props that did not originate from Season of Assembly no longer display the Season of Assembly logo.
  • Days of Summer Lights Lantern button is now hidden when the friend menu is open while viewing the Friendship Constellation.
  • Fixed a typo in the Japanese hint text for the return shrine.
  • Slightly increased volume of Season of Flight instrument.
  • Other bug fixes and improvements.
  • In their travels, the rock discovered a brand new vista of floating islands. It seemed like this area was a haven for Light creatures, and the rock was happy to watch them dance through the sky. Whoever lived here must have loved the creatures a lot; they even crafted chimes so the wind could sing with the birds and mantas as they passed through.

Please refer to the Known Issues post for 0.16.0 for details about bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of this update.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!