Greetings Adventurers!

This patch brings a number of updates, improvements, and fixes. Read below for details about the final quest for Season of Abyss, a flurry of color during Days of Bloom, updates to Message Candles and Message Boats, changes for Shared Spaces, and more!

Adventures Continue in Season of Abyss
Dive deeper into the story of Season of Abyss! The fifth and final seasonal quest becomes available on March 7th PST (UTC-8) as the crew’s pursuit for resources beckons further below. Those who complete all five quests can unlock a new node in the Abyss Guide’s Friendship Tree that offers a mask that boosts the length of time an avatar can hold their breath underwater. Since this is available from the Abyss Guide, it will remain available in the game after the Season ends, and it can be unlocked with regular Candles.

Meanwhile, in shallower waters the creatures of Treasure Reef offer new ways to interact, and a Shared Space has been added closer to the shores for players to express their creativity. Players who enjoy underwater exploration will also find that the seas surrounding the islands of Daylight Prairie’s Sanctuary now include scenery and terrain to investigate.

Be sure to visit and relive the memories of all four Spirits in Treasure Reef before the Season ends! Season of Abyss continues until 23:59 on March 27th PDT (UTC-7).

Days of Bloom
A time of growth and renewal is upon us as Days of Bloom once again approaches. From 00:00 March 28 through 23:59 April 10 PDT (UTC-7), Spirits from a previous Season return to the Hidden Forest social space to once more seek Light amidst the blossoms of a beautiful tree placed here for the event. Players can join these Spirits and gather to mark a time of new beginnings:
  • The tree is transformed across four phases of bud, blossom, falling blossoms, and finally bare branches at the end of the event.
  • During the two phases that the branches are in blossom, players can collect Light from colorful cascades of flowers.
The event is open to all players who have progressed in the game to at least Hidden Forest.

Two event Spirits in the Hidden Forest social space offer IAP and in-game currency items from both this year and last year. Spells of these items will also be available to try for free from the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat or an event Spirit:
  • Purple Bloom Cape: 105 Candles
  • Purple Bloom Teaset: $19.99 USD (includes 35 regular Candles; available in the in-game shop)
  • Pink Bloom Hair: 20 Hearts
  • Pink Bloom Cape: 70 Candles
  • Pink Bloom Teaset: $19.99 USD (includes 35 regular Candles)

Automatic Translations for Message Candles and Message Boats
Message Candles and Boats now include automatic translations if the original message is different from the language your device is set to. These are machine translations, so we anticipate some imperfections as we continue to build on the feature after this initial rollout. Still, we hope it makes it easier to connect with your friends no matter where they come from in the world!

Please note:
  • Translated messages will appear with the original message first, followed by a line, then the translated version underneath that line.
  • The chat filter applies to both the original and the translated message. If a translated message is not allowed by the filter, the translation will not be displayed.
  • The machine translator won’t be able to translate a message written in more than one language.

We aim to continue building and improving this feature based on your feedback, so please don’t hesitate to join our Discord server or Facebook group to share your thoughts in our feedback channels!

Shared Spaces Updates
Not only is there a new Shared Space in Treasure Reef, we’ve made some changes to Shared Spaces themselves based on player feedback. Ahead of 0.16.5, the ability to place multiples of one type of placeable (depending on item volume) in a Shared Space has been enabled. With this update, the stones representing them now have a new appearance, and players will see candles around each Shared Space shrine. Similar to candles at Meditation Shrines, these candles represent yours and other players’ Shared Spaces. Other UI additions, updates, and new ways to interact with Shared Spaces include:
  • Giving your Space a name
  • Giving “likes” to other players’ spaces; a certain number of “likes” gives a Heart to that Space’s creator
    • A message will alert a player that their "like" count on their public Shared Space will be reset if they overwrite and remake that Space
  • Temporarily make a Space visible to others around a Shared Space shrine at a given moment
  • The camera no longer moves while positioning a placeable

Similar to messages, a Shared Space must receive three “likes” from a player’s friends before it becomes public to non-friended players.

Kizuna AI Collaboration
One of our hopes in Sky is that players can build ties of friendship no matter where they are in the world. Building these ties has also been key for virtual YouTuber Kizuna AI—whose name in Japanese references connections and love. With these shared aims, Kizuna AI China joined part of our community briefly after Sky’s launch in 2019 for a small collaboration that aimed to celebrate these connections.

Though this event was limited in its scope, we heard from many fans in our global community also wishing to share in the experience. Kizuna AI will begin her “indefinite hiatus” on February 26 JST (UTC+9), and to help her fans in Sky mark the occasion, a bundle of items will be offered for those wishing for something to remember her by. These items—a hairstyle, a bow, and a cape—will be offered as an IAP bundle ($19.99 USD) in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge, open to all players during this event, from 00:00 February 25 through 23:59 March 10 PST (UTC-8), with a free spell version of the bow for anyone to try. Kizuna AI aimed to connect with players and everyone in the world, and we hope this will be an opportunity for her fans in Sky to celebrate those bonds of friendship no matter where they may be.

For everyone in Sky, during this period the locations of Treasure Candles and Seasonal Candles will be doubled every day in their respective levels, meaning players will be able to find 4 additional Treasure Candle clusters and forge an extra Season Candle per day.

Other Game Updates
  • Several new Social Light areas have been added. They can be found in Hidden Forest, the Wind Paths above Hidden Forest, and the Vault of Knowledge.
  • We’ve heard feedback from players who have enjoyed the unique shapes of the Message Boats during certain events. In response, we’ve added the paper crane Message Boat into the weekly rotation of spells that are available in exchange for Candles. Players can exchange 8 Candles for three paper crane Message Boats.
  • The game now offers Indonesian language support on mobile platforms.

Daylight Savings Time
You may have noticed some of our patch note descriptions using PST and PDT to specify start and end times—this is because Daylight Saving Time will take effect at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday March 13, moving clocks ahead an hour and changing the time zone for Sky events from UTC-8 to UTC-7. If your area does not observe Daylight Saving Time at that time, after March 13 daily reset will occur an hour earlier for you.

Please note that due to technical limitations affecting the servers, after reset on March 14th, the clusters of Season Candles and Treasure Candles from March 13th will remain in their level for one additional hour while the clusters of Season and Treasure Candles for the 14th spawn in their respective level. The total number of Season and Treasure Candles available in the game returns to normal at 1:00 am March 14th PDT. We appreciate your understanding.

We’ve prepared a lot for this patch, but of course we always look forward to your feedback on the features and updates in the game. Read below for more about some of the bug fixes in 0.16.5!

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Season of Abyss
  • Added a Shared Space to Treasure Reef.
  • A fragment in the Ceasing Commodore quest no longer ceases to appear properly when the Spirit is climbing the tower.
  • Resolved an issue preventing more than one person to collect the second resource when doing the 4th Abyss seasonal quest in groups.
  • Now when tapping on a quest progress status icon, this will cause a player's avatar to call and thus show the fragments needed for the quest.
  • Fixed a bug that made it possible for a player being led while diving to continue to lose breath when the leading player returned to the surface.
  • Players are now able to offer an unlocked relationship ability to a friend while underwater.
  • Tall avatars no longer lose breath when swimming on the water's surface.
  • Dive toggle is no longer hidden immediately after a player collects an underwater shell in the Treasure Reef area.
  • We’re not sure about teaching an old dog new tricks, but the fish schools have learned a number of new things for this update. Swim up to them and they might show you what skills they’ve gained!
  • Fixed a bug causing loss of camera control and making players get stuck while swimming around the boat in the Treasure Reef area.
  • Fixed a bug that made friendship interaction nodes appear to be active while a player was swimming/diving at a distance.
  • Enabled Report Player, Block Player and Favorite Player while swimming and diving.
  • IAP gifting node no longer enabled in the Friendship Tree while underwater.
  • Fixed a bug that disrupted collecting the Anxious Angler emote in a multiplayer state.
  • Avatars wearing the chibi mask are no longer able to go underwater before learning the diving ability.
  • The underwater Dark Crabs of Treasure Reef are grim, callous creatures of Corruption—but players who want to hold them close and take them on a swim anyway can now do so.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the clams weren't getting picked up properly.
  • Audio updates for the eel-like creature that emits Light.
  • Swimming animation improvements.
  • Adjusted the meditation rock in the manta cave so that when players watch their friends learn the diving ability, they won't appear to be floating in the air.
  • Adjustments to murals in the 2nd and 3rd seasonal quests.
  • Updated some of the pools in various levels so that avatars swim in them instead of walk underwater.
  • Filled in some holes and performed other building maintenance on the Treasure Reef's main tower.
  • Hairstyle from the Ceasing Commodore no longer clips through head while avatar moves.
  • Hair should no longer clip when wearing the underwater breath mask.
  • Directional step hoop no longer appears when using the diving toggle underwater

Audio & Appearance
  • Adjusted some of the lighting processes so that now, among other things, the lighting in the out of bounds area of the Coliseum in Valley of Triumph should again appear in twilight colors.
  • Various audio updates for some Sky creatures.
  • Fixed a bug where players joining a sheet music session could enter in the wrong music key.
  • Sound now plays on Android devices during the logo sequence when starting the game.
  • Regular background music should play properly again after removing or replacing the Rose prop.
  • Updated the sound effect and melody for the bell in Home.
  • The bell in Home has also come to realize that it didn’t need to be so insistent for attention in order to be noticed, and now has a smaller “bubble” when it resonates.
  • Animation improvements for 2021 Pink Bloom tea set.
  • Bug fix for certain Spirits showing a corrupt spinning animation after interacting with players.
  • Fixed a bug that briefly shrunk the Troupe Juggler and Festival Spin Dancer’s heads when they blinked.
  • Improvements for prop idle and "take out" animations of grey avatars playing instruments.
  • Improvements to bird behavior when landing or startled.
  • Animation improvement for Flight Guide walking in the initial 4th Season of Flight quest cutscene.
  • Fixed frame delay on Days of Fortune tiger mask.
  • Took the Troupe Juggler’s and red Days of Feast capes to the dry cleaners so that the fur trim no longer appears darkened after the 0.16.0 update.
  • Fixed Troupe Juggler's hair clipping through certain masks.
  • Fixed issue with goggles hairstyle from Season of Flight.
  • Resolved the gravitational anomaly that caused NPCs and player avatars to sometimes stand on a slant.
  • Clipping no longer occurs when a player being carried on piggyback presses the fly button.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the Valley of Triumph temple to be assigned the wrong material for its appearance, and to not have its snow caps.
  • Adjustments to lighting that caused the entrance slope to the Valley of Triumph’s Dreams Village to appear purplish or pink (however, this coloration may still persist on certain Android devices).
  • Adjusted lighting in Hidden Forest to reduce brightness of some objects.

General Fixes and Improvements:
  • [Switch] Fix for the hug interaction icon not appearing in certain parts of Eye of Eden.
  • Resolution for games set to energy saving mode crashing or sending a player to a broken level when an avatar was launched from an erupting Sanctuary geyser.
  • Resolution for certain crashes occurring on a subset of Android devices.
  • Updated  the description for the "meet a Spirit" daily quest.
  • Fix for a bug that prevented Traveling Spirits from appearing for a player who had created an account while a Season was not active.
  • Improved transition when going to Wind Paths from certain areas of Hidden Forest.
  • Fixed issues that caused a player being led to fall underneath the map when transitioning from Isle of Dawn to Daylight Prairie, or from the Graveyard to the Shipwreck areas of Golden Wasteland.
  • Resolved a bug causing the camera to pan from the Valley of Triumph temple to the Golden Wasteland social area for a player who is led from Home through the Golden Wasteland portal.
  • Players will no longer get stuck on a chat prop if they press the sit button while they’re moving.
  • Fixed a bug causing hand hold to break when a more experienced player leads a newer player to the level link area of the Wind Paths in Hidden Forest.
  • Home is no place for an abyss, so now there's a floor in the underwater spaces there.
  • Fixed an issue causing handhold and piggyback to be broken when leading others from the Wind Paths to the Forgotten Ark of Golden Wasteland.
  • Resolved a bug that caused a player carrying others with piggyback to float in the air after tapping the other player or follow icon while flying.
  • Resolution for a bug causing piggyback to be disabled when canceling handhold.
  • Follow icon now appears over others when a player and one other person are using piggyback together.
  • While using piggyback, the carrier can no longer warp to the rider.
  • Adjusted a Candle cluster in the Daylight Prairie caves that could sometimes appear underground.
  • Fixed pipe placeable not being, erm, placeable.
  • Fixed a bug preventing in-game screenshots from being saved on Android 8 and 9 devices.
  • Optimization tweaks for picking up orbs of Light.
  • Various translation updates.
  • Other improvements and minor bug fixes.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!