Greetings Adventurers! Join a team of Spirits and help them build their greatest creation yet when Season of Performance begins. Meanwhile, we’re introducing new features, improving familiar ones, and preparing for the return of a popular event. Read on for details!

Season of Performance Begins Soon
On April 11, get ready for rehearsal as four Season Spirits prepare to share their imagination and passion with an audience! Complete seasonal quests to inspire this team to create something bigger than any one person could achieve alone, and learn how to use the new stage for performances you might imagine, too. Relive each Spirits’ memories to learn their expressions, and gain the opportunity to unlock a series of masks, outfits, music sheets, and hairstyles—not to mention, an instrument that offers a frequently requested feature: sustained notes!

A new node is also available at the bottom of the Season Guide’s Friendship Tree: Teleporting. Select this option to make travel to the current Season’s area a bit more convenient.

Season of Performance begins on 00:00 April 11th and continues until 23:59 June 26th (all times PDT, UTC-7), and content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Golden Wasteland. Players who choose to purchase an Adventure Pass will also have the opportunity to unlock all items from the seasonal Spirit’s Friendship Tree as well as the Ultimate Gifts the Season Guide offers.

Constellation Updates
Based on community feedback about ways to make the Spirit and Friendship Constellations easier to navigate and organize, we’re introducing some changes to the constellations that aim to make them easier to use.

Beginning in 0.17.0:
  • Select the single icon on the constellation platform in Home to show the Spirit Constellations for each level.
    • From there, select the friends icon that displays at the top of the screen to show the Friendship Constellations.
  • More stars and more favorite friends can be displayed at once.
  • Friends who are favorited will be placed in one of several small group constellations. Each group constellation page can display up to 10 stars: eight in the main constellation and two that can be placed near it in the sky.
  • Use the new edit mode to sort and organize stars of favorite friends across group constellations according to your preference.
  • Icons for features such as friend invitations are arranged on a single page in the Friendship Constellations for quick and easy access.
  • Art has also been updated for constellations and stars

We know that these can feel like big changes, and that it may take some time to get used to them, but we hope you’ll soon be navigating and moving between the stars of your constellations more easily and smoothly than ever before!

Shared Memories
This update also introduces a spell called Shared Memories, a new type of magic that allows players to capture a glimpse of their past for others to see. Once Season of Performance begins, these will be available from the Spell Shop in the Forgotten Ark area of Golden Wasteland.

To use a Shared Memories spell:
  • Activate the spell, then find a spot on dry land to start your recording from.
    • Please note that recordings cannot begin close to things like Candle locations, meditation circles, or Spirits.
  • Select the “record” icon, and then move, dance, fly, or anything else while the spell records your movement.
  • When it’s ready to share, simply give it a name. It will then appear as a candle placed in the world for others to see and replay!

To view someone else’s Shared Memory, just tap on a Shared Memory candle that displays in the area around you. Similar to Message Candles and Message Boats, Shared Memory candles remain in an area temporarily. Players can tap the heart icon when viewing someone else’s Shared Memory to “like” it, and after a certain number of “likes” the person who shared the original memory recording will receive a Heart.

We can’t wait to see the creative ways players use them to connect with each other! We plan to build on this feature based on player feedback, so please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in our feedback channels on our Discord server or in our Facebook group.

Days of Nature
This patch also brings the return of Days of Nature! From 00:00 Monday April 18 through 23:59 May 1st PDT (UTC-7), players who have completed at least Hidden Forest can celebrate the occasion with other Sky children to benefit life in the oceans within Sky—and in the real world around us through a charity partnership with the organization The Ocean Cleanup.

A new Light creature will appear periodically in the Sanctuary area of Daylight Prairie—lend them aid and receive Light as a reward. While visiting it in Sanctuary's crystalline waters, you can also collect the Light it emits, up to a certain amount each day. This creature will become a resident in Sanctuary, so you’ll be able to visit it after Days of Nature ends.

Like the Season Guide, the Event Guide will have a node in their Friendship Tree that allows players to teleport from Home to their island in Sanctuary. Players can also speak to them to see the colorful item they offer for the occasion:
  • Nature Coral Crown Accessory: 20 Hearts

Meanwhile, two new items will be available as IAP in the in-game Shop:
  • Nature Turtle Cape: $14.99
  • Nature Turtle Pack (charity item): $19.99
    • 100% of the net proceeds raised from the sale of the Nature Turtle Pack will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to support ocean cleanup efforts. As a token of gratitude in return, players who purchase the Nature Turtle Pack receive a turtle-themed shoulder accessory and 75 regular Candles.

IAP from previous Days of Nature events will also return. As in other events, these will be available for purchase in the Friendship Tree of another Spirit, the Chill Sunbather, who will also be part of the event and on the same island as the Event Guide.

Please note, though, that the Chill Sunbather Spirit will appear also periodically in Sanctuary, at the same time as the Light creature does. To purchase items from past Days of Nature, be sure to talk to the Chill Sunbather while they appear on the island. 50% of the net proceeds from returning Days of Nature IAP will be donated to The Ocean Cleanup to support ocean cleanup efforts.
  • Ocean Cape: $14.99
  • Ocean Necklace: $1.99
  • Earth Cape: $4.99

From lofty skies to deep blue waters, we hope this year's Days of Nature is an occasion for us all to come together and help make our shared planet a better place.

Updates to the Friendship Tree
Two new friend interactions have been added in this update: handshake and duet dance. After this latest of multiple expansions to the Friendship Tree, we’ve also made some adjustments to its layout. Along with the addition of a new tier, we’ve updated the requirements for unlocking a few parts of the Tree so that there will be room in the future for relationships to grow and better reflect the range of friendships people share with each other, from casual to close.

Sky Now Available for Huawei Devices
Sky can now be downloaded onto Huawei devices from the Huawei App Gallery! As with other platforms, players using Huawei devices will be able to play with players on iOS, Android, and Nintendo Switch.

Please note:
  • Sky accounts cannot yet be linked to Huawei accounts while on iOS, Android, or Switch.
  • To link a previous Sky account to a Huawei device, please be sure to link your Sky account to an Apple, Nintendo, or Facebook account before opening Sky on the Huawei device. Once you start Sky on the Huawei device, select “Cancel” if asked to create a new Sky account, then sign into the account you previously linked in order to carry your progress over.

For more information on linking accounts, please see our FAQ page here.

For additional details about Seasons, events, and features, be sure to see our blog posts and social channels. We look forward to hearing your feedback, so feel free to stop by our Discord server or Facebook group to let us know what you think!

Improvements and Bug Fixes in this update include:

Audio & Appearance
  • Background music from the Wind Paths stops properly after entering the Starlight Desert area of Vault of Knowledge.
  • Restored instrument reverb.
  • While Dark Dragons are tricky, nefarious creatures, their tricks should not include stealth attacks. As such, the rogue Dark Dragons who had been attacking silently now give proper audio warning in advance.
  • Cape diamonds left behind from other avatars no longer randomly float in the world after level loading.
  • Avatars no longer sink into the sand when they sleep on the shore in Treasure Reef.
  • Avatar holding hands with a group leader doing Levels 3 or 4 of the dance and sparkler emotes now properly imitates their movement.
  • —Meanwhile though, one avatar activating a spell while holding hands with someone else no longer forces the other avatar to imitate the spell activation animation.
  • Removed some floating icons in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge that were leftover from previous events.
  • Fixed scrolling for sheet music page on mobile.
  • Placed items no longer disappear when the owner player burrows down using the Crab Rock Trick spell.
  • Adjusted the lighting in the trench in Sanctuary.
  • Adjusted brightness of light beam from the mountain in Eye of Eden to address discoloration affecting Android and Switch devices.
  • Adjustments to Shared Spaces UI.

General Fixes and Improvements:
  • [Switch] Fixed an issue causing the game to crash when users entered 10 or more lines of characters with certain keyboards
  • Added the white Tier 2 Heart Cape to the Memory Whisperer's Friendship Tree. The black Tier 2 Heart Cape will be available in a future update. (Unlocking Tier 2 Heart Capes is not required to complete a level constellation.)
  • The Shared Space in the main Treehouse area of Forest is now enabled and accessible by default, meaning that players will no longer need to complete all quests from the Season of Assembly Guide in order to access it. This means that all Shared Spaces are accessible to players who have progressed to at least Daylight Prairie. (Please note that players still need to have at least two placeable props in order to access edit mode for Shared Spaces.)
  • Diving ability is now granted to new players after reaching Hidden Forest. Players will no longer need to go to the Treasure Reef area of Golden Wasteland to obtain it.
  • New Social Light area at the end of Valley of Triumph.
  • The missing Winged Light in the Shipwreck area of Golden Wasteland is back from their subterranean adventures, their ledge newly remade for them. They thank Sky children who tried to visit them, observing "Golly, it sure was dark underground."
  • The quest to hold a friend’s hand can now be completed by using the follow option to hold their hand.
  • Fixed a bug causing one person to fall from a swing when another person leaves or joins the session.
  • Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented players from being able to use the meditation circle at the end of the Trials if another player in the same session hadn't reached them yet.
  • A player who wants to warp to a friend using piggyback with a third player can now view and use the warp option to that friend.
  • A player riding piggyback on a friend who uses the Crab Rock Trick spell can now dismount from piggyback while their friend is underground without falling out of bounds.
  • Hint text at the resume level shrine no longer says "Leave Home and resume your journey to The Light" when returning to places such as the Secret Areas accessible from Golden Wasteland or Vault of Knowledge.
  • In-game notifications now specify if another player liked your Shared Space.
  • Removed outdated meditation shrine prompt.
  • Fixed a bug where accepting an offer for a two-player emote while being led by the Little Prince NPC would remove the accepting player from the cutscene once it starts.
  • Fixed an issue causing apostrophes to not display correctly in a translated message.
  • Added Vietnamese translations.
  • Other translation improvements.
  • The rock saw a bunch of kids diving into the water. But rocks can't swim (and might be a little scared of monsters), so instead the wandering stone decided to follow their friend Patch-chan on an adventure! There were so many people, wearing capes and masks and other costumes! They brought beautiful artwork, left kind messages, and took lots of pictures. The rock watched it all from Patch-chan's cute new bag, peeking out at all of the amazing sights and sounds.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!