Greetings Adventurers!
Our latest update brings the last two quests for Season of Performance, numerous updates for instruments and music sheets, in-game chat translation options, and a brand new spot to create and celebrate music in Sky—not to mention a number of bug fixes!

Season of Performance Continues
The Village Theater is a busy place as this Season’s Spirits get their show ready for an audience! Help them perfect their performance in the final weeks of the Season, and use the stage to present a performance of your own. A new shrine for Shared Memories has also been added to this seasonal area for those who wish to show some of their favorite moments to friends.

Talk to the Season Guide in Home to teleport over to their area nestled in the mountains of Valley of Triumph. They also offers a free Heart after completing each quest, plus several items in their Friendship Tree in exchange for Season Candles.
  • The 4th seasonal quest is available starting May 23rd (all times PDT, UTC -7).
  • The 5th and final seasonal quest is available from June 6th.

Season of Performance continues until 23:59 Sunday June 26th. Be sure to relive all the Spirits’ memories to learn their emote expressions before they leave, and use Season Candles to unlock the items they offer in their Friendship Tree.

See you at rehearsals!

Harmony Hall
Music lovers, rejoice! With this update we’re introducing a new, permanent location to welcome musicians of any skill level: Harmony Hall. Once Harmony Hall opens on May 23rd, Players will find it waiting for them in the Village of Dreams area of the Valley of Triumph. Players who complete the 4th seasonal quest—which also becomes available starting May 23rd—will unlock an additional back entrance to the Hall from the Village Theater.

What can players find here? For starters:
  • A daily music sheet challenge that rewards Light! Try your hand at the featured music sheet and receive Light based on a player’s accuracy. The quantity of Light is rewarded in two halves: the first for moderate level of accuracy, and a second for a higher level accuracy. Players can make multiple attempts to complete the challenge if they don’t receive the full quantity the first time. The featured sheet will rotate weekly!
  • Shelves of sample instruments that players can try out for free, including instruments from past Seasons.
  • A Spirit friend standing by to help players learn the weekly featured music sheet.
  • New music sheets available from one of the Hall’s guide Spirits

To celebrate its arrival, Harmony Hall will also have a special 2-week grand opening event. New signs for the Hall will be placed in the Village, and a familiar group of Spirits await to greet players who come inside. One of them will also offer a themed hair accessory in exchange for 50 regular Candles, available until the end of the grand opening period. Players who gather here can also collect up to a certain amount of Social Light that will fall inside the Hall, too.

These grand opening features will be available from 00:00 Monday May 23rd until 23:59 Monday June 5th.

One of the spots in Harmony Hall will also offer a few instruments as IAP. These will be permanently available in Harmony Hall; they are not time-limited to a particular event.
  • Fledgling Harp: $4.99 (all currencies USD)
  • Rhythm Guitar: $14.99
  • Triumph Handpan: $19.99

The harp and guitar are new visual designs of their counterparts that players may have seen elsewhere in the game. The Triumph Handpan is a reimagined version of a past seasonal instrument with both a distinct sound as well as appearance.

To try these IAP instruments for free, pick up free trial spells from the table in the middle of the Hall. These free trial spells will be available during Harmony Hall’s grand opening celebration until 23:59 on June 5th.

We have more updates planned for Harmony Hall, but we’re excited to see what you think of it and look forward to hearing your feedback!

Chat translation and updated chat UI
In-game translation is now available for chat messages! If a player sends chat text that is in a different language than what your device is set to, you can use this feature to see a machine translation:
  • Open the chat log by selecting the chat bubble icon in the lower left corner, or by tapping on the chat text above the avatar’s head.
  • Tap on/Select the line of text you wish translate
  • Tap on the “文A” icon that appears beside the text

Switch players in console mode can display translations of chat messages simply by selecting the chat text displayed in the chat log.

Like Message Candles and Boats, these are machine translations, so they may not be 100% accurate, but we hope it will be another useful way for players to connect even if they don’t share the same spoken language.

Music Sheets
We’ve also made some updates to music sheets that we hope will make them easier and more enjoyable to use.

For example, try a slower tempo for practicing! A slider bar in the music sheet menu allows players to slow down the speed of their part when playing music sheets. Now, no sheet will be too fast—not even the Bird Whisperer’s!

Please note:
  • The accompaniment music will not play when the tempo is modified from the original speed.
  • Other players will not be able to join in on their instruments with a player using a modified tempo

We’ve also adjusted the colors and highlighting of the square keys on the instrument keyboard to make it easier to understand which notes to play in a song.

Players will also notice a bar at the top of the screen while playing music sheets. This expands based on how accurately a sheet is played.

For more details on updates to music sheets and instruments, see our list of improvements and bug fixes below.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

We have a lot of fixes in this patch! Here are the highlights:

  • Chat bubbles made lower priority than other in-world buttons.
  • Deep calling reliably charges nearby players and flips Dark Crabs
  • Fix for an issue with candles and shrines where refreshing the displayed candles would not change which ones were displayed.
  • Shared Memory recordings are now disabled in Eye of Eden, and recordings have to be started a little farther away from certain things in a level (Dark Plants, NPCs, Candles, etc.).
  • Players can now scroll back to view more conversation history, and other chat UI updates.
  • Chat bench conversations in the main Treehouse area should not longer be visible to all players.
  • The snowball spells changed into their summer clothes, and they are all now back to being beach ball spells.
  • Players using controllers can now properly replace a star in the Friendship Constellations when selected in edit mode.

Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!

Season of Performance
  • Optimization for a performance issue affecting less powerful devices when opening the stage curtain.
  • The Performance Guide realized that the Season pendant would be the perfect accessory for their outfit, and so has begun wearing one.

  • Stopping a music sheet playback now also stops the background accompaniment of that sheet.
  • Music notes no longer sound distorted when repeatedly pressing more than 2 notes at once.
  • Sky children took some music lessons to focus on their playing technique, and as a result we’ve updated animations for a number of instruments, including the drum, piano, pan flute, vessel flute, bugle, handpan, and the string instruments from the Seasons of Dreams and Belonging.
  • Music sheets now use a subtle target box on the next note to make it easier to gauge timing.

Audio & Appearance
  • Fix for text in chat bubbles not being centered.
  • Turtle accessory from the Nature Turtle Pack should no longer squish when wearing the chibi mask.
  • Improved lighting in Sanctuary Islands area of Daylight Prairie during sunset turtle event.
  • Oreo got a bit dirty while he went and played with some bugs, so we gave him a bath that fixed his coat from appearing too dark.
  • Fixed camera bugs and plate rotation issues with the 2022 purple Days of Bloom table.
  • Fixed avatar twitching when lying on a bench or flat object.
  • Fixed radar hints not showing on scavenger hunt prop quests.
  • Fixed pillars unaligned with the floor of one of the shelters in Hidden Forest.
  • Fix for avatars facing the wrong directions after entering certain areas of Hidden Forest, or when spawning in the Prairie Temple area after visiting the area behind the 8-player elevator.
  • Potential fix for graphics corruption on water textures affecting a subset of Android devices, including those with Adreno 500-series GPUs.
  • Did some light landscaping in Home while we were fixing a bug to improve clarity of paths to gates.
  • Music now plays as intended during the cutscene that shows after completing the last Season of Dreams quest.

General Fixes and Improvements
  • [Switch] All Elder cutscenes now include HD Rumble for players who have this setting enabled for their device.
  • Fixes to reduce the frequency of friends getting separated when transitioning from the Wasteland social space to the Broken Temple area.
  • Improvements to prevent disconnections from friends while doing the 5th Abyss quest.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented a handheld player from sitting down in the meditation area on the boat to Treasure Reef if the player who was leading them sat down first.
  • Game now displays a message if a player offers handhold to someone who is in the middle of a quest, informing the player that their friend is working on an activity.
  • Added a dialogue hint if a player can't save a Shared Space due to not having enough items placed yet.
  • Backflip emote icon appears for all players now when using the Guide Feature to get it.
  • Fixed a bug causing reported, blocked, or blocked friends' Shared Spaces to appear when someone shared them.
  • Players should now be able to access the Friendship Menu when hand-holding and leading a friend while swimming.
  • Translation improvements.
  • Improved full support for Apple M1 devices.
  • The ghost that watched over Sky children in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge is no longer in their spot. Season after Season it had gazed at the art shared in the area, inspired by the creations it saw. At last, it decided one day that art, not haunting, was its true calling in (after)life, so it has left to try its ghostly hand at creating beauty for others to enjoy.

For known issues ongoing or introduced with this update, please see our Known Issues Page for 0.17.5.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!