Greetings Adventurers!
This update contains celebrations for everyone to enjoy during Days of Rainbow and Sky’s 3rd Anniversary event—and also plenty of new experiences as Season of Shattering brings a different type of Season to Sky.

Season of Shattering Arrives in Sky
The mountain trembles with ancient memories as a new kind of Season makes its way to Sky. Season of Shattering begins at 00:00 Monday July 11th (all times PDT, UTC-7), and with it, eruptions that threaten the kingdom with Darkness.

This new Season is different from what players may be used to. For example, in place of emote expressions or Spirits, this Season’s format focuses on Shard Eruptions from the mountain that send remnants of Darkness into the world. Talk to the Void of Shattering whose presence as the Season Guide is linked to the eruptions. They provide access to a special seasonal space where you can approach points of memory that offer this Season’s items.

Each day, shards periodically erupt from the mountain on the horizon, falling into different areas of the kingdom’s realms. Once they descend, join others to clear the Darkness. These will be a challenge to face down, but those who persist will earn something in return.
  • Regular eruptions provide Light for Candles
  • Stronger eruptions provide Light for Ascended Candles and a chance to complete Seasonal Quests

Take note of how these fallen shards appear. Stronger eruptions, for instance, tend to fall farther from the main path through each level.

The first week features a series of strong eruptions as the mountain unleashes its first wave of Darkness. Eruptions will gradually settle over those initial weeks, until they vary between days that they are strong or more moderate. These will continue to affect the kingdom after the Season ends.

Season of Shattering begins on 00:00 July 11th and continues until 23:59 September 25th, and content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Hidden Forest. Players who choose to purchase a Season Pass (Adventure Pass) will also have the opportunity to unlock all items offered in seasonal Friendship Trees as well as the Ultimate Gifts the Season Guide offers.

Days of Rainbow
From 00:00 Thursday June 30th until 23:59 Wednesday July 13th, Days of Rainbow returns for all to revel in the spectrum of colors woven into the Light of the kingdom of Sky. Walk over to where friendly jellyfish await in Home, and two Spirits will appear as the Event Guides to join players celebrating every vibrant hue of our shared skies.

Fly through the rainbow in Home to temporarily change the color of your flight trails. Every hour it also briefly transforms into a full double rainbow all the way across the sky. Gather around it to collect up to a certain amount of Light each day, and share in the colorful transformation in the air above Home. Use candles to pick up extra color trail spells from the Spell Shop, too!

New items for the occasion can be found by talking to the Event Guides or checking the in-game shop. In the shop we’re also offering a special charity pack. We pledge to donate 100% of the net proceeds from the Double Rainbow Pack to charity efforts committed to diversity.
  • Rainbow Trousers: 95 Candles
  • Rainbow Earring: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Rainbow Headphones: $9.99
  • Double Rainbow Pack (charity item): $9.99
    • 100% of net proceeds from the sale of this item will be donated to charity. As a token of our thanks, the Double Rainbow Pack includes a small rainbow-colored flower accessory and 40 regular Candles.

Items from last year’s Days of Rainbow event will return as well. Players who prefer these can unlock them in the Event Guides’ Friendship Trees:
  • Rainbow Cape: 175 Candles
  • Rainbow Braid Accessory: 20 Hearts
  • Rainbow Hat: $9.99.

Free trial spells for event items will be available from the Spell Shop in Home. For more details, check out our blog announcement!

Celebrating 3 Years of Sky
Time flies faster than a Sky child in the Wind Paths, and now we’re getting ready for Sky’s 3rd birthday party! Beginning at 00:00 July 18th until 23:59 July 31st, the doors are open for everyone to enter the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge. Mark the celebration with a host of Event Spirits sharing something of their own on a specially prepared stage, and Anniversary Staff who offer a variety of mementos for the occasion.
  • Light fence: 20 Candles
  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles
  • 3rd birthday hat: 3 Hearts
  • Happy Birthday Music Sheet: 10 Hearts
  • Confetti launcher prop: 20 Hearts

These may be just the thing to throw your own party anywhere in Sky—perhaps even in Golden Wasteland, where the Dark Dragons will don their best hats for the occasion.

The Birthday Flag prop from last year will also be available (20 Candles), and Birthday Cake spells are back too. Find the spells at a vendor’s cart 3 Candles each. Most of these cakes are big enough for one or two Sky children, but every so often a spell for a larger cake may appear… Pop by this cart for free TGC Guitar spells, too (read below for more!)

Want to party with us outside of Sky? Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for announcements for our other plans! We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with our players.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!

New Rehearsal Room in Harmony Hall
Looking for a quiet way to practice one of your own instruments? Try the new room we’ve added  in Harmony Hall! Equip an instrument from your closet to practice in a private setting without worrying about passers-by or background music. We hope this makes it easier to get those notes you’ve been working on juuust right!

Other Updates in This Patch
  • The way Sky children respond when injured has also changed in this patch. Keep watch for a new icon that appears as a beacon when others are in need of aid. To recharge someone whose Light has been completely extinguished by approaching them to rekindle their Light with your own. The inside of the mountain has also undergone some changes—experienced players may find that different strategies have different levels of effectiveness in some parts of Eye of Eden.  For more details, see our Improvements and Bug Fixes list below.

  • A new item will become permanently available as an in-app purchase from Monday July 18th: The TGC Guitar Pack. Like the Founder’s Cape, this item features a unique appearance of an item players may have heard elsewhere in the game. Find it by talking to the NPC who also offers the Founder’s Cape in the Secret Area accessible from Vault of Knowledge.
    • TGC Guitar Pack: $29.99 (includes 115 Candles as a gesture of our gratitude for your support of Sky)

    Temporarily available free trial spells can be obtained from July 18th until 23:59 July 31st at the Spell Shop cart that will be in the same area.

    (Please note that the TGC Guitar does not include the ability to enter or bring friends through the gate to the Secret Area; this ability still requires the Founder’s Cape.)

  • The black Tier 2 Heart Cape has been added to the Golden Wasteland constellation! Like all Tier 2 capes, this one is also meant to be a long term goal, symbolizing kindness to others and building long term friendships.
    • Collecting the additional wing buff and Tier 2 Heart Cape is not required for the completion of any of the constellations.

  • We updated the interface in the closets! Neck items including Season pendants have been moved from the Props closet to the Mask closet. These closets now have tabs:
    • Mask Closet: Sort between masks/neck items
    • Hair Closet: Sort between hair/hats
    • Props Closet: Sort between instruments/placeable items

  • Many placeable items now appear as miniature models on an avatar’s back when equipped from the Props closet, instead of as backpacks.
    • Known Issue: Some models will appear distorted when worn on tall avatars or when wearing a chibi mask. This will be resolved in a future update.

  • We’ve updated a couple names:
    • “Adventure Pass” has been renamed “Season Pass”  
    • “Adventure Pack” has been renamed “Gift Pack

    This is only a name change and won’t affect the function or any other aspect of the Season Pass. We hope these streamlined terms will be easier to reference for players no matter their experience level in Sky!

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Highlights for fixes and updates in the patch include:

  • Added ability to copy and paste upon button press in the chat logs.
  • Fixed inconsistent speed of burning Dark Plants at different device performance settings.
  • Various updates to avatar behavior when injured.
  • Resolution for a bug preventing players from bending down to burn Dark Plants in shallow water.
  • Fix for Bluetooth and wired keyboards not working with iOS devices.
  • Dark Dragons had long been content with simple fashion choices, knowing confidently that black is always in. But even one-eyed creatures of Darkness could not help but notice how Sky children coordinate, and they became wistful for a touch of color in their own ensemble. As a result, the color of the “shout” effect visible when they roar has been changed from white to red.

Want to know more about some other fixes in this patch? Find further details below!

Harmony Hall & Instruments
  • Improvements for the "jam session" to play a music sheet with Spirits on the 2nd floor.
  • Certain instruments no longer appear unattached from the people playing them in the Hall.
  • Animation updates to xylophone.
  • Fixed some bugs affecting the Spirits in Harmony Hall, plus other small visual fixes.

Graphics & Appearance
  • Items available during the current Season are now shown in closets with the Season’s symbol.
  • Recharging sequence now has its standard appearance on Season of Performance capes.
  • Improvements to animation for sitting at the Pink Bloom Teaset.
  • Wing meter now returns to the top of the screen when a player deletes a message or other object at a shrine.
  • Some Light particles that were appearing blue despite being above water in parts of Hidden Forest and Golden Wasteland are now the proper color again.
  • Improved rendering of light on water to fix a bug causing visual issues on some Android devices.
  • Fix for an issue that caused clouds to appear jittery on certain Android devices.
  • Visual bug fixes in Daylight Prairie Village, including diamond stones for the 2-player butterfly door that did not move after the door was opened.
  • Fixed two-player emote animations not working properly when underwater.
  • Fixed a small black texture that showed up on part of the Season of Sanctuary undercut hairstyle when wearing a Season of Flight tunic outfit.

General Updates and Improvements
  • Deep calling no longer rekindles a player whose Light has been fully extinguished. (Calling still recharges a player who has lost any other portion of their Light.)
  • Using your own Light to recharge a player whose Light has been entirely extinguished now also helps to recharge your energy too.
  • Emote menu limited during certain parts of Eye of Eden.
  • Now only certain spells/potions are available from the emote menu while an avatar has lost all Light and is crawling.
  • Adjustments to various effects in the final room of Eye of Eden.
  • Fix for Performance Season quest progress not working properly for players in some situations
  • Adjusted max number of music notes and chat messages possible in a Shared Memory recording. If the limit is reached in a recording, the event is now not recorded, rather than ending the recording early without notice.
  • A bug no longer teleports a player into the water near the Enchantment Guide in the Forgotten Ark area of Golden Wasteland if that player loaded into the level after unlocking all Enchantment quests.
  • Updated the Season Pass information card viewable when interacting with the Season Guide.
  • Warp option to another player now appears when using the Serendipity match feature in the Friendship Constellations.
  • Fix for crashes caused when moving a friend with a long emoji nickname to a group constellation
  • [Switch] Fix for crash caused by having too many spells in the spell section of the emote menu.
  • Translation improvements.
  • The rock heard of a new theater and decided to visit. Before long, they were helping put on plays with the local Sky children and watching stories unfold on the stage. So many things were possible. Perhaps the rock could even help organize a jellyfish opera one day? The jellies have such lovely voices!

Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch.

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!