Beginning at 00:00 July 18th until 23:59 July 31st, Sky celebrates its third birthday the doors are open for everyone to enter the Secret Area accessible from the Vault of Knowledge. Mark the celebration with a host of Event Spirits sharing something of their own on a specially prepared stage, and Anniversary Staff who offer a variety of mementos for the occasion.
  • Light fence: 20 Candles
  • Balloon prop: 30 Candles
  • 3rd birthday hat: 3 Hearts
  • Happy Birthday Music Sheet: 10 Hearts
  • Confetti launcher prop: 20 Hearts
The Birthday Flag prop from last year will also be available for 20 Candles, and Birthday Cake spells are back as well. Find the spells at a vendor’s cart for three Candles each. Most of these cakes are big enough for one or two Sky children, but every so often a spell for a larger cake may appear… Pop by this cart for free TGC Guitar spells, too. The TGC Guitar is a new item offered in the store.

Want to party with us outside of Sky? Stay tuned to our blog and social media channels for announcements for our other plans! We can’t wait to celebrate this milestone with our players.

Thank you for being part of our community, and we look forward to many more birthday celebrations to come!