Greetings Adventurers!

We’re excited to bring a musical collaboration in our final Season of the year, a cauldron full of mischief for everyone to enjoy, plus a feature that might be helpful as you navigate the world of Sky.

A Familiar Voice Returns with Season of AURORA

Season of AURORA begins on October 17th! This collaboration features the acclaimed Norwegian singer known around the world for her hits such as “Runaway” and “Cure For Me,” and the ethereal vocals she lent to Frozen II’s “Into the Unknown.” Since Sky’s launch her songs have already greeted players in Isle of Dawn and Eye of Eden, and now she returns to sing life into stories of struggle and hope.

Seek four Seasonal Spirits who have gathered around the AURORA Season Guide in the Valley of Triumph’s Coliseum. Each brings a story written by AURORA and told through her voice in Seasonal Quests, weaving song and memory to gradually reveal a light from the world’s distant past.

These Spirits also offer a variety of items as mementos of their stories. Within the AURORA Guide Spirit’s tree, too, are other items especially designed for this Season, including music sheets, an outfit, and three extra emote expressions which can gradually be unlocked throughout the Season with Candles or Hearts. Her Friendship Tree also includes a specially themed mask and outfit from the song “Cure For Me.” These will be available after completing all Seasonal Quests until the end of the Season, and can be unlocked with regular Candles.

Separately from those seasonal items, specially themed items created for this collaboration will also be offered as in-app purchases:
  • Runaway hairstyle: $2.99 (all prices USD)
  • Tiara We Can Touch head accessory: $4.99
  • Runaway outfit: $9.99
These will be available throughout the Season. We’re also working on a few more of these items for the second half of the Season coming in 0.19.5, which we’ll announce for the next update! (Please note that since these are part of a limited collaboration, they are not scheduled to return in future years.)

Season of AURORA begins at 00:00 Monday October 17th (Pacific Daylight Time, UTC-7) and continues until 02:00 Monday January 2, 2023 (Pacific Standard Time, UTC-8). Content can be enjoyed by all players who have progressed through at least Valley of Triumph.

As always, the full Season can be enjoyed by all players for free. Season Pass holders will also have the opportunity to unlock additional seasonal cosmetics, including the Ultimate Gifts.

Known Issue: In this patch, the color of the Ultimate Gift outfit in the Season Guide’s tree is seafoam green, but the correct color should be a darker teal blue. The Ultimate Gift outfit’s color will be corrected to a darker teal blue in the 0.19.5 update to better resemble the outfit in the music video that it’s based on.

Days of Mischief Returns

The Cackling Crab is back! From 00:00 Monday October 24th (PDT) until 23:59 Sunday November 13 (PST), celebrate the time for shenanigans during this year’s Days of Mischief. A cranky cat has taken up residence around the cauldron, which will be overflowing with spells for passing Sky children to try out. 

Meanwhile, there are new ways to explore the area, from the tiniest crannies to the skies above… Once the event begins, talk to the event Spirit who will arrive in Home to get started!

To mark this year’s festivities, players can choose from these spells and trinkets:
  • Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat spell can be worn with any hairstyle!
  • Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in event area)
  • Candle Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in the event area)
  • Dark Dragon Repellent Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the event area)
  • Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles
  • Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99
  • Cat Costume Pack: $19.99
    • Includes a themed cape and mask
Spells and items from each previous Days of Mischief since 2019 will also be available to choose from. For those who prefer something from among these items instead, seek out the staff NPCs in different areas of the event area who offer them in their trees once you talk to them.

From the Mischief Guide in the event area:
  • Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles
  • Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles
  • Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts
From various NPCs lurking off the beaten path:
  • Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99
  • Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99
  • Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99
  • Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99
  • Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99
    • Note that this item is categorized as a hairstyle, so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles, unlike the Witch Hat Accessory Spell
  • Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (comes with 8 candles)
  • Mischief Web Cape: $14.99
  • Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (comes with 12 candles)
(Please note that in some countries outside the U.S., prices of these items may be different from previous years due to the recent price change.)

Days of Mischief is available to all players who have progressed to at least Vault of Knowledge. Spells for players to try all IAP items for free can be found by speaking to Mischief Spirits, or at the Sleepy Traveling Merchant’s boat. The boat will have additional Crab Rock Trick, Candle Trick, Dark Dragon Repellent, and Witch Hat Accessory spells as well.

More Updates

  • We’ve added a new map feature to the game! We hope these will be helpful as you explore and seek your way through the realms.
  • Now that Season of Shattering has ended, the Shard Eruptions are no longer falling as they did during the Season. There will be a wide variety of which eruption strength falls on a particular day of the week, and there may be days where no eruptions fall at all. Pieces of shards will continue to appear atop gates in Home to indicate the level where there is an active, fallen Shard Eruption.

    Shattering memories and Ascended Candles will continue to be available from eruptions with red shards. The specific memory that can be viewed will be randomized. If a player has completed all Shattering memory quests, they will be able to see whichever memory arrives on that day.

    If a player has not completed all the memory quests, they will be able to progress through the quests in order each day there is a stronger eruption. A new quest can be completed with each eruption that a player clears.
  • In preparation for the upcoming PlayStation launch, players can now link their existing Sky accounts to a PlayStation Network account if they have one. If you have a Sky account and plan to play on PlayStation, please FIRST link your Sky account to a PSN account on your mobile device. This can be done by going to “Settings” → “Account.” After the PlayStation launch, you will not be able to transfer your progress from mobile devices if you open the game on PlayStation before linking your Sky account on your mobile device.
  • It’s that time again: Daylight Saving Time will end at 2:00 am Pacific Time on Sunday November 6, moving clocks back an hour and changing the time zone for Sky events from UTC -7 to UTC-8. If your area does not observe Daylight Saving Time then, after November 6 the daily reset will occur an hour later for you. Event notation will be marked in PST instead of PDT.

Improvements and Bug Fixes

Audio & Appearance
  • Fixed camera errors that caused the view to zoom in too far when wearing the chibi mask.
  • Adjusted a glowing ball on the Shattering Dark Plant cape to be centered.
  • Fixed erratic camera movement if player dives underwater after starting to relive a Spirit’s memory.
  • Shared Memory candles are no longer visible while reliving a Spirit memory.
  • Adjustments to prevent cape diamonds from overlapping on capes that are otherwise too short for normal spacing.
  • Tweaks to environment fog effects.
General Fixes and Improvements:
  • Shard Eruptions re-enabled to fall in Hidden Forest again, and fixed some Shard Eruptions that were not awarding Ascended Candles.
  • Grandma is a very generous Spirit who welcomes all to her table, but since the Shard Eruption that pushed its way in did not mind its manners and interrupted those who just wanted to gather ‘round, she let it know that if it refused to behave it would have to stay outside. Thus, the Shard Eruption location in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest has changed, and dinner with Grandma is a little more peaceful.
  • Adjustments to prevent issues due to server merges while clearing Shard Eruptions.
  • Flying shards in Shard Eruptions should no longer be able to hit players in the meditation circle.
  • Daily quest to hold someone's hand is now completed when a friend takes a player's hand without the player offering it.
  • Fixed a bug causing shells and flower bouquets to disappear after a shell/bouquet is picked up.
  • Players should now be prevented from merging into instances where the Dark Dragons are behaving drastically different than how they were in the player’s initial instance, to prevent things like merging and the player suddenly being ambushed.
  • Fixed a bug causing players returning to the 2nd and 3rd floors of Vault of Knowledge from the Home Return Shrine more than once to be returned to the start of the level on the 1st (i.e. ground) floor, rather than where they had left off on the 2nd or 3rd floor.
  • Resolved a bug that allowed a blocked player to use the "follow" feature to follow a person who had just blocked them.
  • Emotes from blocked players are no longer visible.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed notifications from blocked friends sending gifts of Light through the Friendship Constellation.
  • Small tweaks to how the "roasting" works when roasting snacks at a fire with the Campfire Snack Kit.
    Fixed avatars wearing chibi mask getting magnetized to the Sunlight Campfire Tent ceiling in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug causing avatar to be launched from jellyfish and other "magnetized" objects when game is at low framerates.
  • Since tables, swings, and other chat props cannot be seen in Shared Memory recordings, these can no longer be used when starting or during a Shared Memory.
  • Crash fixes, including resolution for a crash that could occur after completing a music sheet challenge in Harmony Hall.
  • Translation improvements.
Please refer to this page for known issues ongoing or introduced with this patch:  Known Issues Patch 0.19.0

As always, we look forward to hearing your feedback, and encourage you to join us in that discussion on our official Discord server at!
[Edit 2022.11.23]  The end of the Season of AURORA was updated to 02:00 January 2, 2023 PST.