[Update October 20]
We are aware there is an issue with unlinking and relinking accounts. Thank you for your patience.

[Update October 17]
  • Players are unable to gift the Runaway hairstyle and Runaway outfit IAP items to friends.
  • Players may experience crashes when trying to clear the Shard Eruption in the Elevated Clearing of Hidden Forest.
  • When using a controller, pressing the interact button will also open the Friendship Tree of another player if they are nearby.

[Update October 14]
  • [Switch] After viewing a Spirit’s Friendship Tree, or after viewing a friend through the Friendship Constellation, an orb from the Spirit or friend persists after the Friendship Tree is closed or after leaving the Friendship Constellation.
  • Text is blank for UI displays for a subset of Android devices.
  • The light from the symbol used for map shrine markers may flicker when lit by the player.
  • Android devices using certain Snapdragon chipsets or Adreno GPUs may experience graphic corruption.

We are aware of the following bugs that are ongoing or were introduced with the arrival of Patch 0.19.0:
  • In this patch, the color of the Ultimate Gift outfit in the Season Guide’s tree is seafoam green, but the correct color should be darker teal. The Ultimate Gift outfit’s color will be corrected to a darker teal blue in the 0.19.5 update to better resemble the outfit in the music video that’ it’s based on.
  • When wearing a chibi mask, giving someone a piggyback ride in the water will cause the person being carried to lose oxygen if the person carrying them remains stationary.
  • When wearing a chibi mask or while using a spell that makes the player small, part of the wings from the Season of Aurora’s Mindful Miner and Seed of Hope Spirits’ capes will be under the cape.
  • [Switch] Sky kids may do a funny dance when trying to hold hands while jumping on Jellyfish and Light Mushrooms.

We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience these may cause while we work to resolve them in a future update.