To mark this year’s festivities, players can choose from these spells and trinkets:
Witch Hat Accessory Spell: 2 Candles—this hat spell can be worn with any hairstyle!
Crab Rock Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in event area)
Candle Trick Spell: 5 Candles (or free in the event area)
Dark Dragon Repellent Spell: 3 Ascended Candles (or 1 Ascended Candle in the event area)
Mischief Tufted Hair: 44 Candles
Feline Familiar Prop: $9.99
Cat Costume Pack: $19.99
Includes a themed cape and mask

Spells and items from each previous Days of Mischief since 2019 will also be available to choose from. For those who prefer something from among these items instead, seek out the staff NPCs in different areas of the event area who offer them in their trees once you talk to them.

From the Mischief Guide in the event area:
Mischief Withered Cape: 99 Candles
Mischief Witch Hair: 66 Candles
Mischief Spooky Dining Set: 33 Hearts

From various NPCs lurking off the beaten path:
Mischief Pumpkin Prop: $1.99
Mischief Spider Quiff: $4.99
Mischief Witch Jumper: $9.99
Mischief Withered Antlers: $9.99
Mischief Witch Hat: $9.99
Note that this item is categorized as a hairstyle, so it cannot be combined with other hairstyles, unlike the Witch Hat Accessory Spell
Hungry Pumpkin Hat: $11.99 (comes with 8 candles)
Mischief Web Cape: $14.99
Spooky Bat Cape: $17.99 (comes with 12 candles)

(Please note that in some countries outside the U.S., prices of these items may be different from previous years due to the recent price change.)